Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!!!  That's right, Alex is 10 years old today... July 5th.  Can you believe it?!  I know I can't.  Oh, so many things to say about our Alex.  Him even being here is more or less a miracle that one day soon I'll share.  But not today.  Today is a day to celebrate his life not mourn the past.  Alex has blossomed more than we could have ever imagined.  The years have been good to him.  Trust me, this child experienced more in the first few years of his life than most adults combined.  Alex is our sports loving, heights fearing, speed loving, loveable,bug- collecting, laughable child.  Alex has become a very loving and empathetic big brother.  Which for a child overcoming w/ RAD is hard to do.  It was a stunning transformation for sure and one child that most had written off.  But, Alex's spirit perservered and here we are today...celebrating 10 years of a long wonder-filled life.  Here is the first picture we ever saw of our Alexander:

The first picture was Alex's referral picture.  First picture he apparently ever had taken.  Second one is of Alex at the end of school for an awards ceremony.  He's grown into quite a handsome young boy if I do say so myself.  Alex's birthday is today and has so much to celebrate.  He has asked for a watch for his birthday and a yellow cake w/ Mom's icing.  (I make my own and they like it better than the can).  Not too much of a request is it?  That's our Alex though.  He likes to live simply.  
Today we went shopping at Target.  Just had the 5 kids w/ us.  Alex out of the blue said he wished he had a wish that could come true.  Me, being the mom I am, was thinking  oh, this should be good. He'll wish for Pokemon or something.  So, I of course take the bait and say "what would you wish for then Alex if you were given that one wish?"  Alex said "I wished that Nik could hear and talk."  Boy, did I feel like a fool.  He DOES care!!!  How is that for being that sensitive to someone else's needs & doing all on his birthday?  I was extremely proud at that and for the first time really so how much Alex has grown.  Alex is our birthday boy today and we are going to celebrate shortly.  He's having a party this coming weekend w/ friends.  Happy Birthday Alex and wishing you many, many more Happy ones to come!  Enjoy this day that we celebrate your life.  We love you.

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