Friday, July 30, 2010

Flabulous to Fabulous

And here I thought I'd be proud this week to write this post.  I'm truly bummed.  I gained a lb.  193.  Last week it was 192.  I get that the body goes through changes and this is believe it or not normal.  However, when you see it on the scale it does hurt the feelings.  As for my workouts, I am more than proud of what I've done.  In the last week, I have stretched out every single day.  I have done weight lifting every single day.  Though the weight lifting is a very short one.  I have alternated every day between 50 laps in the pool or a 25 minute cardio workout on a Biggest Loser DVD.  I also am keeping a calorie journal.  I wanted to get down to 1200 calories per day but it seems to be hovering around 1400 a day.  URGHH.  I'll get there though.  So maybe the celebratory cake for Max & Irina wasn't such a hot idea yesterday.  LOL.  I have yet to go on my walking in the evening.  Just hasn't worked out thus far. I am determined to go tonight though.  I want to do the walking in addition to the cardio or swimming.  I know there will be ups and downs in this weight loss journey & it has indeed been a stressful week.  Still, like the adoption, I'm anxious to get this moving along.  Hoping next week will bring more results as I'm adding walking and taking closer calorie counts.  This will be worth it in the end.  Have to go.  Time for lunch.  enjoy your weekend folks.  And, get out & stay active.  Max & I just finished organizing and cleaning his room.  Alyona is sick w/ an upset stomach so we have to stay home today.  Gives us a chance to get some real organizing done for upstairs.  Irina and Yana are at the beach today w/ a friend.  VBS starts on Sunday.  Should be tons of fun.  Just going to be a super busy August but that is a good thing I think.  We love it.  School is right around the corner. 

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