Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Field Day

The other day we wanted something different to do. So, we decided to have a field day at home.  Here's some pics from the home field day.

Well, this originally started out much further away but we found we couldn't get the cups to tip over unless close.  Or, when you bring in the big guns:

Yep, even the big kids participated in the water gun shoot out.  

Alyona, always ready w/ a smile for the camera.  Keep in mind, it was in the high 90's this day.  We'd do two events and have to come in.

Nik had just finished tossing the frisbee into the laundry basket.  This was actually much, much harder than I thought it'd be.  That giant thing on the left is the magnifying glass that has caused us great grief.  LOL.

All taking interest in the cup stacking & unstacking event.  They all try to do it as fast as that kid on the egg commercial.  Nope, doesn't work like that kids.  they did have fun trying though. 

Alex & Nik trying to knock each other off the wood w/ noodles.  Bojan is acting as referee.  Yes, I'm well aware the little redneck workstation has to go in the back area.  That's one of those get to it projects.
I love this b/c in the background you can see Alex's expression of  Bojan just being beat by his younger brother.  Too funny.

Nik, in all his glory!  He had just BEAT the three older boys.  They all have no desire to congratulate him.  LOL.  If you notice, they decided that it was too easy for Nik and put a little piece of wood for him to stand on as well.  Nope, he still beat them. Lessons of humility are always good sometimes.  They had fun and that's what counted.  

Well, that was some of our homemade field day when it was near 100 degrees out.  I told you all my kids all love to be outside.  Doesn't matter that temp.  Alex keeps his wet bandana on and he's good to go.  Afterwards we all had an icecream sundae here.  Yum.  I think today we'll have icee pops just for no reason.  That's a good reason no matter what the weather.  Going to go pick up Irina and Max from Driver's Ed.  Speech therapist comes after that and then time for us to head to the post office to overnight the dossier.  Progress.  Albeit slow, it IS progress.  More to come.  Tons going on this week and truly just trying to get it all done. 

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  1. those are great ideas I will have to try. Thanks!