Thursday, July 15, 2010

Family Fun Fest 2010

A local church, that we actually need to check out as it is a smaller one, has a fun festival every year for the community.  No charge, just old fashioned honest fun.  So, we decided to take the kids to the festival...all 11 of them as I was babysitting that day.  And, one of the girls' friends wanted to come along so why not.  We roll w/ the punches here.  thought you all might enjoy a photo or two from our adventure out.

First, we all waited in line and had lunch together.  It is a requirement of this family that we have lunch together no matter where we are or what the event.  Reason being is it gives us ample time to lay the ground rules and if the older kids go on their own, when to be back & where we'll be.  We all had hotdogs, chips and water to drink.  Typical carnival food.  

They had face painting among other events as well.  Our girlie girl w/ her heart on her face.  It was so hot that day, this did not look this good for long.

They had a petting zoo w/ all kinds of animals.  This is Irina petting a cow.  She LOVES animals and truly wished we could have some more land to make her dream come true.  I do feel she most likely work w/ animals this year.

Nik, however, will never work with animals!  LOL.  He would not even go into a single cage.  No rabbit, no duck, no cow, no nothing.  He watched but that was about it for him.

What better on a hot day than a slushee??  Cooled us off while we waited in line.  And two girls were kind enough to go & get them for us:

Yana and her best friend Lauren were kind enough to retrieve all of us slushees while we waited in the never ending pony ride line.  Worth it though.  

Had no idea the camera had a print on it at the time so some photos will have that smudge in the middle.  Nik loves horses.  Just a natural. Really doesn't need the arm holding but they do it for all the kids.  

Time for the big inflatable slides.  The kids all took a turn down this one except for the "littles."  They stuck to the dragon which you climb through.  Oh, and the bounce house until they collided heads.  What's a carnival w/out at least a little injury--LOL.  No one truly hurt so we were all good.  

Nik going down full speed.  We were so proud b/c when he got to it, he said clear as day big boat.  SAID the words, not signed them.  Lots to celebrate.  

True sibs through and through.  You can click on any of the pics to blow them up.  Alex looks out for his "little sister."  She's a year older than him btw.  But, you couldn't tell.  He stands up for her a lot.  Alyona is fine to accept the love and leadership.  

Everyone had a wonderful time.  Nice to go to.  We then went home to cool off some and get a quick bite to eat.  We then headed to Target w/ all 11 in tow.  More on that in the next post.  We also stopped by Cold Stone Creamery for this delightful piece:

It was Alex's day of celebration after all.  We surprised all of them by picking up an ice cream cake.  You can gift some gift certificates online.  I had a $10 gift certificate that I paid .80 for I believe and we put it towards this.  And yes, it was just as good as it looked.  After such a hot day, all of us were very happy we got an ice cream cake.  Wouldn't you be?  More to come on our day.  The rest of it.  It is not over by a long shot. Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures.

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