Monday, July 19, 2010

do you ever....

Let your kids eat ice cream cake for breakfast??

they all loved the ice cream cake for breakfast.  This was from the other weekend.  All the stuff is all over the floor b/c we were doing some hefty duty cleaning.  Ice cream cake & cheetos for breakfast.  Yep, parenting at it's best.  

Do you ever find surprises under the bed?

Well, in our massive spring cleaning efforts, we cleaned under our beds.  This was found under MY bed!  A bent up school spoon.  Not sure why or how and probably really don't want to know. 

Do you ever wish summer could last a bit longer?

I know this little fish sure does wish summer could last longer.  They spend so much time in the pool and love it.  So do I.  

Do you ever....

let your kids have a candy bar w/ a white shirt on?  Yes, in case you are wondering, it is a big mistake.  This shirt did not stay white but did come clean.  

Did you ever?

Stare in wonder as your children are discovering new things.  Their eyes light up at simple things like sparklers on the 4th of July.  Such an innocent time.  No worries in front of you, just the simple joys of discoveries.

Do you ever wonder?

How we got the most tolerant dog on earth?  We did!  Bear is super easy going and w/ as many kids as are here on a daily basis, he is the best.  He takes everything w/ a grain of salt.  We love this dog to pieces.   

Do you ever....
think that your kids will never learn to wear shoes?  My kids are rarely, rarely ever seen in shoes around here.  They stay barefoot even in winter.  Yes, there was ice on the ground and they're walking on it barefoot.  It's nuts.  My kids do own shoes and socks, I promise.  they just love to go barefoot and stay dirty. 

These are just some of the things we wonder.  What are some of the  things you wonder if others have done? 

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  1. My son turned 14 today and he had cannoli for breakfast! We ate Italian last night and they gave him a free cannoli. I love family owned restaurants!