Thursday, July 1, 2010

D.C. Trip-- Day Four (part II)

Well, hope you all like the new look of the blog.  Just needed a summer feeling w/ all this hot weather.  Sometimes, it's just nice to change things up a bit.

Alright, onto the rest of the trip.  We ran into a ton of traffic coming home but still managed to keep level headed.  Bellies were full thanks to Aunt Elsie & Uncle Bob.  Well, we finally got into North Carolina.  That's when the chatter  bickering increased.  Little things at first.  Then... the unleashing.  It was maddening to witness.  Truly thought Yana and Alyona were going to rip each other apart.  Geez.  For such a tiny thing, she sure can hold her own and tends to instigate a bit too.  Afraid this was heading down a RADish road, I began to video tape.  Yes, yes I did.  It was not a pretty site.  I'd share but sure that is something you'd rather not see.  Just know, they didn't get physical.  Lots of hand gestures and in your face kind of stuff but nothing physical.  Oh, unless you count what happened before the big fight.  Alyona was being what we call a "gnat" and bugging Yana.  Yana proceeded to elbow her in the face.  Broke the glasses.  Well, bent them.  That was pretty much the last straw.  Warren pulls off the interstate.  This is where we stopped off:

Keep in mind, we're on I-95, still in the high 90's outside.  Turns off the van, windows still up.  Only about 45 minutes from home & want to desperately get there.  Car goes silent.  Warren says we're not going anywhere until he hears something.  You'd think at this time some would pipe up and apologize.  Did they?   Oooh no.  Not even close.  They then start fighting.  Mostly Yana and Alyona. But then Irina sticks her nose in it and Bojan has to add his two cents worth.  I'm video taping still at this point.  Wanted them to see themselves later.  We put them on silence until we get home.  Everyone is grounded from video games(they had just gotten a new Wii game from my parents).  We also needed to think of how to get the two sisters a little more bonded.  Still working on that one.  LOL.  Car was quiet once again.  And, it was off to make it home.  Nik signed to me that Yana and Alyona were bad & they were fighting.  Yes, I know.  Can't hear but sure picked up on stuff.  He told me they were not going on another trip.  Nik, acting as the parent.  Just what we needed after a long evening.

Well, evening wasn't over yet.  We passed some sewage plant.  Remember, the kids were on silence until we hit the front door.  Well, this is what transpired next:  Alright, I've tried everything and can not get this video to upload.  Warren told me he'd work on it tonight.  So, do check back tomorrow for the video.  It's Nik and Alex.  You can't help but to laugh along.  Just an absolute laugh attack and think it came at the right time after the others were arguing back and forth.  Too many in close quarters.  Need a bigger van...maybe a tractor trailer will help??  LOL.  Ironically, I can remember fighting in the backseat w/ my sisters when we were younger. Oh well, it happens.  But, when you see the video, that will do nothing but make you smile.  And, we could all use a good smile at this point.

Trip, except for about the last two hours, was fantastic.  We learned a lot on it.  A few things we learned:

1)  Punch bug game is a bad game to introduce.  It is now banned from our car.

2)  Always pack water wherever you go.  You will be thirsty in 90 some odd degree weather. 

3)  Kids can eat more than their weight at a breakfast buffet. 

4)  5 hours may not seem like a long trip, but add 7 kids to it, and it's an eternity.

5)  Kids can go to bed on time if you wear them out enough. 

6)  If it is in their head, they will say it out their mouth.  Watch for these moments.

7)  Brothers and sisters CAN get along.

8)  2 bathrooms, 20 minutes to get ready & 9 people takes some creative thinking.

We learned way more than this obviously.  We had a great family vacation and seriously can't wait to go again.  Hope you enjoyed our trip as much as we did.  Other places we'll be going this summer are the beach, a train ride, some local museums and the zoo. 

Things are going well at home.  The sisters are now going to be baking all day tomorrow together and then taking our orders and serving us all.  Though I must say, there was some real bonding going on today and I was rather impressed.  yana and Alyona (you know, the same exact two that wanted to tear each other apart) were sharing music on the mp-3 player together.  Sharing the same set of headphones.  AND, Yana carried Alyona on her back all the way home on the walk.  While she was pushing one of the tots in the stroller.  So, I think they are back to normal.  Chaos Manor is jumping lately. There have been a minimum of 12 kids here everyday.  Not bad and not too many incidents.  Everyone seems to be getting along.  Plus, this is good practice for when the 10 of them are here.  I still have energy at the end of the day so I guess I'm doing okay with it all.  though, my yoga has fallen to the wayside.  Plan on picking it back up.  Will try to update more tomorrow. 

We'll try to get the laugh attack video up tonight.  You have to hear this thing.  Nik and Alex are just too funny.  You can't help but smile when you see it.  Can't wait to share it.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  More to come later. 

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