Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cleaning up

Even though it's summer, we've been doing some hefty duty cleaning of the house and repair work.  We want it all done by the time the new kids get home.  Makes a difference not having leftover projects hanging over your head when you need to concentrate on getting new children adjusted and physically healthy.  That is why the work weekend is such a wonderful event for us and will be forever grateful for others for making it happen.  Meantime, we also are working here.  Most I don't take pics of just b/c I'm working too.  Here are a few pics though.

This is Yana painting one of our patio umbrellas.  Here is what part of it looked like before:

The umbrella is a nice one and in decent shape.  Just hated the look.  So, went to Lowes and browsed the sale paint.  Got a can for $4.  Looks kind of beachy to us.  So, picked it up and hopefully it will work out.  Still need to paint the other half but we wanted half to dry at a time.

Do you know why Irina's making that face?  She had just gotten a shower and Nik is sticky, full of dirt and sweaty.  Doesn't do much for our OCD germaphobe daughter.  They say exposure is best so that's what we do.  Whether on purpose or not.  LOL.  

Now, how could anyone resist that face?  Dirty or not.  The brown stuff on his face is brownies. Well, probably brownies and dirt.  we are enjoying summer time here and I'll have 4th of July pics probably tomorrow as well as some summer fun pictures.  Hope you are enjoying the look of summer in the kids. 

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