Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Awards-- continued (old post)

Okay, was weeding through some posts to edit & found an old one from June 12th that I never had put up.  Oops.  Didn't want them to feel left out so have to post no matter how late.  They say better late than never.  Hope so.  

Well, so far we've covered the teens and their awards.  Time to brag about the elementary kiddos!!!  Nik we've covered already.  We'll start w/ Bojan and work our way down.  Bojan shocked me.  He really, really did.  He recieved a pile of awards.  Really did an awesome job.

Okay, none of the pics I have of Bojan was he smiling.  Totally out of character for our drama king.  Oh well.  Bojan is standing here w/ an Art Achievement award.  A person is selected from each classroom.  He was chosen from his class.  That was surprise #1.  Surprise #2 for me was he was in Showcase of Stars for a piece of his artwork!!  Now, showcase of stars is a big deal here & it is county wide.  Not just his school.  Get this.  He never, ever told me he was in it.  I guess he just didn't think much of it.  Amazing.  

He looks thrilled, right?  This one was for the National Fitness Award.  Bojan does have physical limitations but as you can see, that does not limit him one bit.  

Bojan also received an award for good behavior.  Classroom award he received loveable jokester.  Figures.  Bojan is only receiving special ed services for reading.  He can get out of that now but we all decided a few more months to be on the safe side.  So, a few months into this coming year and he will receive NO extra services for school whatsoever!  Great progress for sure.  He loves to read and loves everything Egypt.  Wants to learn heiroglyphics.  Bojan is sure to go far in life.  

Next is Alyona.  Alyona is in a self-contained classroom.  It is ages kindergarten through 5th grade.  Alyona is working on learning to read.  She is getting there slowly.  But to measure where she was to where she is now, she has grown by leaps and bounds.  Alyona received a few awards as well this year.  She received one for behavior and art.  I know she received a few others but can not recall right now.  IRina decided to clean up the stack of awards we had & I'm still searching for them.  URGHH.  Her class also celebrated June birthdays which was nice.  Still can't believe she's 11.  Here are some pics from the awards. 

This is her reward for excellence in academics.

This gives you a little perspective on her size.  These are the birthday kids.  Not all are older than Alyona just to give you an idea.  In fact, I believe she is older than some here.  Not sure but I think.  She hasn't grown much but that is for another post and how she feels.  This post is about celebrating her accopmlishments in school.  She did beautifully.  She loves dressing up for awards.  I think she is gorgeous.  How about you? 

This post was from June as I'm digging through old posts I started but never finished.  There are probably holes in this one so sorry about that.  Just know I was extremely proud of the kids this year.  All made tremendous growth in school.  Some got out of special ed.  Many have become their own self-motivators and that is just wonderful to witness.  Think this concludes all the award ceremonies.  I'll have more posts later as I dig through the archives.  Amazing how much I got interrupted.  Well, not really considering where I live.  LOL. 

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