Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July 2010 (continued)

I left off of all of us enjoying some refreshing pool time.  We live in a town that has yet to decide a name for itself.  It's a very long story.  So currently, we live in Garner yet don't really feel a part of Garner as it is another town.  Most of us here refer to ourselves at the 4042 area or Cleveland.  The entire town does.  So much so, they have their own fire department and even their own fireworks.  However, we used to live in Clayton.  And used to go to their fireworks.  Well, due to the economy, they canceled their fireworks show.  So, we decided to keep it simple and stay home.  We have wonderful neighbors who shoot off fireworks and put on a great show.  hint, hint...these are not the store bought kind.  LOL.  Where our house is, you can see many different shows.  We bought some from the store but not many.  I had massive trouble finding sparklers of all things.  What was up w/ that?!  Had some from last year so used those for the kids.  Anyhow, some shots below of some things we saw/did.

Some of the kids waiting for Dad to get organized.  I know they don't have shirts on.  Rarely do they ever in the summer and I've learned to just let it go.  Shoot, Nik's still in his bathing suit from earlier that day.

Finding new spots on the grass for the show to start.  This is Yana and Nik.

A little bit of sparkle to highlight the night.

Alex and Yana.  Both came home in May of 2004.  Still celebrating together after all these years.  Great time to celebrate too.  This seems to have been the year that we've finally conquered a lot of that RAD stuff.  Lots of accomplishments this year for these two but now, just a time to enjoy a show and each other. 

What could be more fun than dancing around w/ fire?  LOL.  Alex zonked out by this time so it was just the 3 younger ones as the older ones and their friends went inside for a movie.

This is what it's all about.  The sheer enjoyment of the simple things in life.  these pictures say it all about the 4th of July here.  Simple, but fun.  

We had a wonderful time last weekend together.  This weekend we did a bunch as well.  That is for another post.  Went to a carnival and then shopping so Alex could spend his birthday money.  Right now, recovering this morning.  I'm getting ready to make pancakes for everyone.  Warren got called into work at 4 am and is still there.  Unfortunately, we had stayed up until 1:30 so I know he'll be tired.  Again, we most likely will not finish that bathroom upstairs as planned today.  Max most likely will go to work today as well.  Irina will be at a friend's house.  The rest will hopefully be somewhat tired from all yesterday's festivities but somehow, I highly doubt it.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  More pictures and posts to come.

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