Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's up...in photos

Lots of content in these last few posts. Thought you all might like to see what we've been up to other than paperwork and awards.  Let's get started.

Well, school just ended so we are doing some serious summer time chilling out around here.  Of course, this was after she was cleaning the house.  Remember, Irina is our daughter that is affected by OCD.  She lives to clean.  Now, the trouble is, that is combined w/ a dx of FAS.  This in turn effects decision making.  Well, the other day she kept complaining she felt really dizzy & did not feel good at all.  I asked her what she had cleaned w/.  Sure enough ammonia AND bleach!  Yikes!  A horrible combo.  She was fine after a few hours but now you know that even when they get older, you still have to make sure you are always on your toes.  I have to make a big decision in the next two weeks & decide if we should let her take driver's ed.  Some days I think she's ready & some days I don't.  IRina has spent the night at a friend's house & been dog sitting and babysitting a bit.  I think she is finally ready for a job.  So, we may go out and get applications done.  We'll see.  

I have no idea why in the world he was attacking this onion.  I really just happen to be snapping the camera.  I don't think he knows I have this picture & it may be removed later.  LOL.  I'm not going to live this one down.  But, he does like to entertain the kids as they're waiting for dinner.  I'm guessing this is when he made beef & broccoli stir fry.  

She's just so dog gone cute!  Had to take a picture of her.  Hard to believe she is growing up.  She keeps reminding me that it's her birthday soon & she'll be 11yo.  Wow.  11yo.  Only 2 more years before the dreaded teen years hit.  For now, she's still my girlie girl.  In summer, I wear bandanas on my head all the time.  She seems to have copied me a bit.  Love it.

Did I ever tell you what a great big brother Max is??  Yes, to put up w/ this mess, he has to be.  I have no idea why Nik is wearing my bandana over his head.  Max drags them across the floor like this. They love it.  

What would a weekend in our home be w/out injury?  Why a miracle of course.  LOL.  Don't know what happened to the picture but you get the idea.  Yana was helping out by weedwhacking.  And no, she wasn't doing it in barefeet.  She had socks & shoes on.  She slipped on the rocks out back(remember, the flooded yard all the time??), grabbed the on button as she was falling & sliced up her leg.  She was fine, just scared.  Doesn't that look like it stings?  Ouch.  Yana handled it well though.  Progress from earlier PTSD days for sure.  Poor girl though.  She got this AFTER she had already been stung by a wasp a few minutes prior on the same leg a little higher up. 

Just had to end w/ this shot b/c he looks so dog gone cute here.  Don't remember what he was doing but must have just gotten out of the pool as the implant or ha isn't on him.  I have more photos but will share in another post.  Trying to sell some things online today and organize the mini fundraiser the kids are having this weekend.  Also, lots, lots more going on.  I'm finding myself too busy to write on here.  Summer was supposedd to be slow but it seems to have sped up at Chaos Manor.  More later. 

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