Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trip to the farm

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we went to a friend's farm in Wake Forest.  We met her when we were hosting Yana, Alex & Zhenya.  (as you probably gathered, we did not end up adopting Zhenya but did the other two).  Anyhow, she also went from hosting to adopting 2 children as well.  Over all these years we've kept in touch.  She does not live all that far from us so it is really nice to visit & meet new people as well.
is the website of the farm.  It is a great place to visit and do hope the locals pay it a visit.  They do pony parties, dog boarding, field trips, etc.  And, for those adopted, admission is FREE!!!  Go to the site for details.  She never asked me to do a "plug" for her but I feel it is such a great place to visit, it is definitely worth a shout out.  Now, for pictures as I'm sure that is what you are waiting for.  Too many shots and animals to list that I don't know where to start first.

Beautiful peacocks.  I never could get a shot w/ the wings spread out.  But, very gorgeous colors.  They do make a lot of noise though.  

This is Irina and Alyona petting the goats.  Which child do you think was more daring?  You'd be surprised.  They both were.  Yes, even chicken little was holding all kinds of animals.

If you have children w/ mental/ behavioral issues, when you say something, you absolutely MUST follow through no matter where you go.  Even when visiting the farm.  Alyona was told she must finish eating.  We all know her eating issues.  (I refuse to do the G-tube thing...last resort).  Anyhow, she was to finish it or she had to sit down until she was done.  Surprising how quickly she CAN eat when something fun is waiting.  Got to love it.

Bojan is holding baby rabbits just a couple of days old.  Very cooperative rabbits.  All the kids got to hold baby rabbits and baby ducklings.  What a great opportunity!  

Max w/ the daddy rabbit.  A big angora rabbit.  

Yana is petting an Emu.  You should see how big these things are when they stand up.  Animals bring out a real calming sense in our kids.  Thank goodness.  All my kids are very big on the outdoors.  Keeping FAS children physically active outdoors is vital I think to their well-being.  Rainy days drive us nuts here.  Animals also seem to help out.

This is our watermelon break.  Nothing like a juicey watermelon while at the farm.  The animals even eat the rinds so nothing goes to waste here.

Alex was tired.  Remember, we had a very big weekend.  It is really hard for FAS kids to regulate going to too many places. Hence, why we didn't go to the zoo on Monday.  Would have thrown them all over the edge.  I could already see the signs.  Alex is just relaxing here under some trees.  Would love to know what he's thinking.  We also had forgotten his bandana.  You'll start seeing more of that in pictures during the summer.  It's a way to cool him off.  He overheats easily.  mostly due to the one kidney deal I'm sure.  Anyhow, we soak a bandana and tie it around his neck.  Seems to do the trick.  He was starting to get hot here & was also trying to cool himself off.

This is Yana and Irina w/ baby chickens.  I never knew there were so many varieties of chickens.  Farmer Mary explained to the kids(& us!) the different kinds of chickens there.  She had a java which is becoming extinct.  Never knew that some breeds of chickens are becoming extinct.  She also had a frizzle variety where the feathers grow backwards(I think).  Maybe my kids paid better attention.  LOL. 

This is an emu.  Aren't they big?  Farmer Mary explains a little about each animal.  Great place for the kids to learn.  We learn something new every single time.  We saw ponies, goats, chickens, peacocks, emus, dogs, ducklings, rabbits, donkeys, and more.  Learned so, so much.  Even learned why donkeys have a cross on their back.  This donkey on the farm participated in the nativity play back at Christmas.  We do enjoy going to the farm very much.  Now, do you know what this saint of a woman has offered us?!  A weekend A-L-O-N-E!!!  Yep, an entire weekend kid-free.  Something we haven't had in years.  She offered to take all 7 on the farm for a whole weekend.  I'm still in shock.  We're going to pick a weekend this summer.  Very excited and trying to think of things we can do sans kids.  LOL.  A quiet dinner, a movie, a walk at the park, miniature golf?  Who knows what we'll do but it really will be very nice to spend time alone with Warren and not have to worry about what the kids are doing. They are in safe hands at this farm.  And, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to put them to work.  So, that was our trip tothe farm.  I think it wore the kids out....

Why in summer my kid is wearing a winter jacket, I'll never understand.  We had a wonderful time at the farm.  I highly recommend you locals check it out.  Worth the tour and the kids have a blast.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Much going on at Chaos Manor so need to get going.  Will fill everyone in a bit later.  Please, please remember to do the $10K in 20days campaign.  Only takes a moment and just the price of 2 loaves of bread.  I'll have more on that later as well.  For now, homemade meatballs are cooking so need to finish up. 

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