Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I thought it was high time for a thoughtful Thursday post.  Trouble is, I haven't been keeping up w/ the good the kids have done.  But, I'll give it a shot here. 

this is Max & Yana in their bathing suits cleaning the front porch!  They were swimming in the back & decided to do this.  No one asked them, no one told them it was a mess, they just thought the porch was dirty & needed a good scrubbing.  It was hot this day and I was really surprised they took the time to do this.  Very thoughtful of Yana and Max for sure.  And, much appreciated by parents.  

Irina has been very thoughtful to Alyona lately.  She knows Alyona has a few friends and that Alyona is lonely some days.  So, Irina has made it so that Alyona can feel included.  Irina has let Alyona "spend the night" in her room and has been doing Alyona's hair more often.

Bojan and Alex were quite thoughtful when Alyona nearly drowned.  (Remember, Nik pulling her down like Stitch??).  Bojan & Alex said we can make you feel better & proceeded to do their "coconut dance."  Very thoughtful of them to get their sister's mind off the situation and make her laugh.

Alyona has been thoughtful by trying to help me out more.  "Mommy, can I help you w/ that?"  Things like that are more commonplace for her now and that is quite an accomplishment.  

Nik was very thoughtful when he thought Alyona was hurt.  (she wasn't but that's beside the point as he thought she was).  anyhow, Nik came over to her and rubbed her back.  Very thoughtful especially for him.  Nik has a hard time expressing certain emotions and he used to laugh at people when they were hurt as he didn't understand.  Now, he is thoughtful to go over show concern and want to make them feel better.  

I see a lot more good in the kids lately.  I will say that transition week after school was hard but now it is flowing smoothly.  Nice to see the good come out in my kids.  Thanks for letting me share.  Talk to you all on Sunday!   Now, we're off on our trip. Other than gum in my clothes, it has been fairly smooth. 

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