Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Fun in pics

I have some pictures laying around so thought I'd do a summer picture post.  Hope you enjoy some of our summer fun around here. 

Did I ever tell you what a great big brother Max is???  Here he is taking Alyona & Nik for a ride in the trailer.  they love doing this.  They can't do it that often due to the flooding yard problem (for another post).  But, when they get to go, they can't get enough.  Max was a great sport b/c it was 98 degrees today.  hot!  

Brothers through & through.  All from different parts of the world yet all connected.  Amazing, isn't it?  Despite the stupidity(referring to the stunts they pull), the fighting, the aggrevation, they really do love each other.  they'll fight w/ each other but they'll fight for each other just as much.  Trust me, they have stood up for each other at school.  In this picture Max is 15, Alex 9, Bojan 11 and Nik 7.  Bojan & Max are tighter than tight as brothers go.  They actually miss each other if the other spends the night at a friend's house.  Nik & Alex have separate beds yet have never slept apart.  True brothers.  

I hit the wrong button.  So, this part is of the first picture.  Okay, Max is holding Alyona after being drug down by Nik.  Remember, the scene from Lilo & Stitch?  Well, that's what happened here.  Then while Max was holding her, Bojan & Alex decided to make her feel better by doing the coconut dance.  No idea what this is that the boys made up but it made her laugh so I'll take it.  

Next picture is the result of a water gun fight in the pool.  Boys out numbered the girls that day.  Yana tried her best to keep up w/ the boys' team.  She did pretty well at it too.  

They were all screaming for me to take the picture quickly.  Max is holding them all up. Guess that workout is paying off.  My kids love the water & so do I.  We spend a lot of time in the pool.  

I swear my kids need to live on a nature preserve.  Seriously, who can do this w/ a butterfly?  Granted, later it died but still, it was alive when I saw them catch it.  The kids all love to catch bugs & critters around the house.  Yes, they even can spot the snakes though thankfully, have not tried to catch them.  Alyona is enjoying the simple beauty of a butterfly here.

After a long day of summer fun, there is nothing like an awesome dinner.  We get asked often what we feed this bunch.  Really, a variety of stuff.  One of our favorites is mixed veggies & beef on the grill.  We put it over rice.  Each store has a produce rack that is reduced for some reason or another.  I just buy what I'll use that day.  Look at all the colorful veggies here.  Peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, onions, eggplant, celery, etc.  It was a fantastic tasting meal & everyone (except Alyona) loves it.  Best part is, it only costs us less than a $1 per person to make it.  Can't wait till more veggies are ready to be picked from our garden.  Getting there for sure.  That is a small glimpse of what we've been up to this summer.  More to come on the upcoming trip, Bojan's medical issues, Nik's medical stuff, etc.  Just one thing at a time.  LOL.  Till tomorrow. 

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