Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick update

Well, a few quickie updates.  Friday, we went to a neighbor's house for a cookout.  It was delicious!  We never make spare ribs at our house so having them somewhere else was a huge treat for our kids.  And trust me, they had their share.  We even got to take leftovers home and my kids finished off the rest of the spare ribs, corn on the cob & baked beans for lunch the next day.  I think they liked it.  We visited there for quite awhile and Irina and Yana had friends over for a spend the night.  Saturday, we stayed home and cleaned up a bit.  Also did some monthly shopping.  Nothing exciting.  Though the kids were thrilled w/ some items we brought home.  We went to TJ Maxx and found some books for all the kids for .30, .70 and $1.00 price range.  I also found a nice journal for Alyona.  She wants to be like her big sisters.  Figured this might help.  Shoot, may even help w/ writing.  Guess what?!  She has been writing in it ever since & even took it to school to show her teacher.  I was rather impressed.  She's getting there for sure.  Lots of yard work of course. 

Sunday, we went to our friend's farm in Wake Forest.  Will have a totally different post on that visit & farm pictures.  Kids were exhausted.  See:

Nik is about ready to get out of this carseat.  Boy, has he gotten so big.  They were so incredibly tired that that night, all had decided they wanted to wait to go to the zoo instead of go on Monday.  That was fine w/ us.  Really, it kind of came as a relief.  So, instead, they played w/ friends & we did a couple of errands.  And of course, played w/ the slip & slide some.

I think Nik is having a bit of fun, don't you?  And, here is Alyona:

Ahh, another brave one.  This is actually a very short slip & slide.  But, they enjoy it nonetheless.  All are really wanting the pool to be ready.  It basically is.  Need to vaccuum it out.  Max, Bojan and Alyona climbed in this weekend to scrub the sidewalls.  I have no idea who let Alyona b/c she wasn't doing a dog gone thing.  URGHH.  So, made her get out.  Other boys were working though.  So, they should all be able to swim by this weekend.  Yeah.

Irina is cleaning out a birdhouse we have.  Alyona is playing w/ one of the items she found in the bird's nest...a snake skin.  And where on earth do you think that snakeskin came from?

Why I'm sure from this big black snake!  What Memorial Day would be complete w/ out some critter visiting?  I think this is actually just the first snake we killed this season.  We killed one back in September I believe.  I am w/ Indiana Jones on this creature.  I am NOT a fan.  Didn't stop the kids from wanting to touch it though.  This was not a poisonous one.  I thought we killed a copperhead back in the fall but I could be totally wrong.  Who knows.  They all need to go.  LOve the woods but sometimes the creatures are a bit much.  LOL.  

Adoption front news.  Homestudy is pretty much done.  She is waiting on ONE thing...our dates of our previous homestudies.  I can give approximate dates, but they need the dates.  Umm, okay.  Remember, we've been doing this for over 10 years now.  Irina & Max's was back Jan. of 1999 some time.  When exactly?  no unearthly idea.  None at all.  We lost all on our computer awhile back.  So, no checking there.  I think I have Irina & Max's in our old dossier.  However, I know I don't have Yana & Alex's.  So, I have to hunt down dates of old homestudies.  Don't have them.  Don't know when I can get them so pulling my hair out right now.  Called our old agency but since it was awhile back..umm, yeh, 10 years ago, they don't think they have any of the files from that long ago.  Is the adoption journey ever w/out "hiccups?"  NO is the answer to that question.  All you newbies...NO is the answer to that question.  And this is just a very small hiccup but causing a delay nonetheless.  Calling the agency tomorrow morning again.  Hey, if anyone knows how long I-800A approvals are taking for NC,please, please let me know.  That will allow me to guage when exactly to start the big dossier.  Since we've done this so many times before, it does not take long to put together as we already have our people lined up.  Since our doc has done an adoption before AND does humanitarian aid work every year for India, she knows the deal.  So, she understands those crazy medical requests we'll have.  We all had our physicals in Dec./Jan. time frame so everyone in the family is current.  Anyhow, we feel we're getting closer w/ every piece of paper.  I can not wait to send off that I-800A.  I remember years ago sending off Irina & Max's I-600A.  My, how times have changed.  Warren sent me an email that I wrote to him years ago when we were in process of getting Yana & Alex(kid #'s 3 & 4).  I was telling him about a lady w/ 8 kids & I thought that was just crazy.  Umm, better watch my words.  Now, someone out there is calling me crazy w/ getting our 10.  Got to love it.  What goes around, comes around.  LOL.  No more calling anyone crazy.  

So, not much else happening.  I'll do the farm post, finish an adoption anniversary post up, and then we need to all get hopping on the fundraising posts.  $10K in 20 days is still up nad running.  Please, please go check it out.  I'm sure everyone spent at least $5, $10 on hotdogs his past weekend.  Please consider spending that on saving quite a few kids' lives.  Seriously.  You can touch so many lives just by a small donation.  That is simply amazing.  We need to get our donation in and I know I've been slow.  Hunting down paper not just for this but for IRina.  Long story once again for anothehr day.  the blog address is:  http://www.storinguptreasures.com/2000/05/10k-in-20-days-we-want-to-bless.html .  We have just 3 days to raise $4,000 more.  I know you all can do this w/ me.  Share on your blogs, Facebook, twitter, anything.  Tell anyone you meet.  Every little bit helps.  Most will not think twice about $5 or $10.  If you can give mroe, that is greatly appreciated as well.  Thanks so much for helping to spread the word.  More on this campaign tomorrow.  So much to catch up on.  

Hope you have a great rest of the week. 

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  1. I have enjoyed visiting your blog! I came over from Storing Up Treasures :) Your family is beautiful and I wish you the best on your upcoming adoption!