Sunday, June 27, 2010

Prepping for a trip

Well, we actually made it there & back.  Lots & lots to say and share.  Some funny, some nice & some not so nice.  All & all though, a fantastic trip.  The last two hours were about as horrifying as all get out but I'll get to that eventually.  right now, I'll start w/ pretrip, and then divide the trip into days.  I will get as much done as I can but honestly, this week's focus is absolute dossier paperwork & to finish it ASAP.  So, let's get started.  Getting ready for a trip around here is the usual stuff.  have kids pack, check their stuff, recheck their stuff & take out what they snuck in, gather all meds, neb treatment stuff if needed, prosthetic equipment, all ear gear, food, more food, and whatever else we can cram into the van.  Hey, whatever we forget (other than meds) we can always get somewhere else on the run if we have to.  So, we try not to stress the packing thing too much around here.

Before any trip, we always, always wash the van.  I hate looking out a hotel window & seeing our filthy car sitting in a parking lot.  It is kind of big so sticks out like a sore thumb.  I just want it to be a clean thumb.  LOL. All the kids help despite this only showing Max & Irina.  It was 98 the day we did this.  We also vacuum it out and do all the windows.  I also drove the 8 kids up to the tire place to get a screw out of the front tire before the trip.  They were awesome at Just Tires & didn't even charge us anything for it.  I was stunned & service was great.  Just had to say thanks a bunch!  

We also make sure all the plants & gardens are watered.  Most survived but a few did not over the 100 degree days we had while we were gone.  We soak everything up really good & hope it survives.  Nothing needed to be picked from the garden yet so we were good.  

Nik grabbed one of the bags as big as he was to carry out to the car.  Everyone helps pack on a trip no matter the age or size.  We also made sure Nik had his medical alert necklace.  We only make him wear it on trips.  He can NOT have an MRI due to the implant.   That's what's on the tag.  

Everyone helped, it was fairly organized and we were ready to be on our way.  We left later than thought... 11:00 am on Thursday morning.  However, being that we are seemingly always late, we didn't think this was too bad.  We had NO shedule to keep that day so it honestly didn't matter.  Plus, check-in was at 3pm.   Next post will be details of D.C. Trip... Day One.

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