Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nik's kindergarten graduation

Well, my baby boy is no longer a baby boy for sure!  He will be considered a first grader in just a few days.  The ceremony was today.  Irina and I attended.  Nik won a few awards and I was quite proud of them.  It was awesome to witness.  Pictures will be at the end of this post.  (click on any to make them bigger)  You'll never guess what he got an award for.  Any ideas??  Can you believe it was for art?!  What a character.  All those drawings this year.  You've seen them on this blog before.  You all know exactly what I'm talking about I'm sure.  I have a whole other pile of drawings to share.  It's hilarious. 

Anyhow, I had no idea just how popular Nik was with the ladies.  OMG.  this kid is just an absolute riot.  What a ladies' man.  Yikes!  I'm in for it when he gets older.  But, poor kid has to follow in Alex's footsteps.  Alright, Alex has the reputation even as a 3rd grader for breaking hearts.  One of the sisters of a girl that likes Nik gave her some advice though.  She said "you better watch out for him b/c Nik's brother Alex broke my heart!"  Nice.  3rd grade and Alex is a heartbreaker.  And, the 3rd graders are warning the kindergarten girls to watch out for Nik as well.  LOL.  I am truly in for it when these two boys get to middle school.

The teachers Nik had this year I can not say enough good things aobut.  I really have no complaints whatsoever.  The class was welcoming and everyone there had no trouble being his friend.  It meant the world to us.  They cared about Nik.  very touching. Love it!  There was a pizza party & then Nik wanted to come home w/ us.  He played video games and swam w/ Irina.  Just a nice day all around.  Tomorrow is Bojan's awards.  And now, for the part you've been waiting for. Pictures.

Nik was so proud.  I was in the back so won't bore you w/ other photos.  They did a wonderful program and his whole class signed their program.  It was awesome!  The Lion Sleeps Tonight was the song they performed.  Nik received so many awards.  Awesome artist for his class, hardworker for his class, Wise Owl for the school(that's great behavior), Student of the month for courage and an art award from the art teacher for best artist.  Hope I remembered them all.  He was proud and cheered every time he got an award.  Cute.  
Well, this is one lucky lady.  Or should I say one lucky guy?!  She is the most adorable, sweetest little girl.  Her name is Ava and Nik just adores her.  And, vice versa.  Nik walks into the room and Ava will just run up to hug him.  These two are connected in a way I haven't seen in many young children.  Seems to be something very meaningful between them.  I know that sounds strange for kindergarten but you truly have to see these two to get what I mean.  They will always sit by each other, wait for one another, hold hands, help one another, and put each ohter in their places.  LOL.  They are like a young old married couple.  It is just precious and I do hope she is in his class next year.  She is going to come visit over the summer.  Nik was literally distraught when he found out she could not come over yesterday.  He takes care of her and she takes great care of him.  Beautiful match of friendship. 

Nik went around taking pictures.  Mostly of Ava.  He did take this one of Irina and I.  Not the best picture for sure.  It was hot, we were sweaty and our hair is a mess.(especially mine).  But, always nice to have a one on one picture w/ your kids.  

What better to end a day than to swim w/ your brother?  Yes, I'm well aware the pool is still cloudy.  It's getting there.  Ironically, it stayed crystal clear all winter long.  Should be fine by tomorrow but still safe and great enough to swim in when it's 95 outside.  

Nik had a great graduation and it is wonderful to see my kids move forward and make such incredible progress.  Truly is.  Yana received her awards today.  She received highest average for math and for reading.  She told me she received something for music as well but they haven't printed off the cert yet.  Not sure about that though.  Many children w/ FAS/ FAE will misinterpret things said so there is no telling.  I just know about the 2 awards I saw and that is quite an accomplishment for sure.  BTW, Yana is TOTALLY out of self-contained setting at the end of this year and in regular ed!!!  She'll still receive a little help for language arts but that is it.  For someone who was just on a 2nd grade level last year to fly by and be on a 7th grade level this year, I think it's phenominal.  I went to Bojan's awards today.  Fantastic is all I can say.  More about that later.  Nik is being uncooperative right now.  Guess I need Ava here to put him in his place!  More award stuff later.  SO, so busy w/ things this week and still getting back to people who've emailed me.  Just didn't realize this week would be this insane.  Great things happening and I will explain in another post at some point.  Have a great evening. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie!... Congratulations to Nik and all the boys!... Specially for all those awards!!!... It´s wonderful to have been witnes of his artwork by your posts, and now see that he had an award for all that work! It´s amazing!!!... Great pics!... BTW beautiful couple this 2 young-kids!... I bet he´ll be a heartbraker for sure!!!... (he´s so cute and smart!)
    Huge hug for everyone!!!... Kind regards from Argentina!...