Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Nerve!

The nerve of some people.  Alright, Warren got a phone call last night here at the house.  It was a roofing company.  They were trying to tell him they could take care of our roof since there was such bad weather. They'd just file a claim w/ our insurance company and it would be paid for.  Okay, granted, our roof IS leaking and our roof IS old and does indeed need deperate repair.  however, we refuse to go against just plain good moral judgement to get something for nothing.  We think it is just ripping people off and in the long run, that does no one any good.  I just can't believe the nerve these people had to even suggest to fraud our insurance company like that.  We have State Farm and they have been nothing but good to us.  We've never had a problem w/ any claim we've had.  Never.  The people there are great too always ask us when our next adoption is.  LOL.   It really irritated Warren that people would be that dishonest.  And you know some people I'm sure are going to jump at this offer.  Shoot, given our roofing situation, we could have.  However, we will not go against our morals or good judgement for the sake of getting something fixed for free.  No matter how much we need that repair.  It is not fair to the people who have worked hard at the insurance company and do an awesome job.  Just had to vent on this one. Till later....

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