Thursday, June 3, 2010


Okay, you all have heard about the $10K in 20days, right?  If not, please please don't delay & check it out today NOW!!!  Let me explain a little more.  A most gracious mom is on a mission to raise $10K in 20 days to help 26 families rescue orphans from around the world.  We have been selected as one of those families.  I am beyond honored.  What will happen is 25 families will recieve a donation of $200 a piece.  Then, a name will be drawn and that one family will receive a donation of $5000.  It is just an awesome, awesome endeavour without a doubt.  The heart that went into this is simply amazing.  Right now, they are $1860 short of their goal.  Do help spread the word however you can.  I"ve been facebooking quite a bit on this the past week.  And, on here.   Trying to get folks to just donate the price of 2 loaves of bread if nothing else.  Or, maybe you'd like to save quite a few lives this month & forego that outing out to McDonalds.  Just a one time donation is able to change several lives forever!  That astounds me.  I know for a fact, 3 lives will be changed for sure.  Mroe than you can imagine and though I can't write much right now, I will in the future.  I do hope you will join me in donating tonight to help them reach their goal. This is not for us.  This is for the children.  Not just ours to be, but many, many others.  Some of the 26 families are adopting one child, some two  and some 3 or more.  That is a lot of children saved from institutions.  That is priceless.  Go to this site and see more:

I'm confident w/ your help and spreading the word we can reach that goal.  Maybe we could surpass that goal.  Waht do you say??  Spread the word whever you can.  We have only till midnight tonight.  Thanks so much.

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