Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Medical stuff & checkup for Mom

I figure I always tell about the kids & their appointments, maybe it is time to share one of mine.  I am followed by a cardiologist every 6 months to a year.  Before anyone gets nervous, it is precautionary.  See, my family heart history is not the best & as my cardiologist says "I'd rather treat you now then crack open your chest when your 50."  Umm, I agree w/ that one!  So, I've had stress tests done before, nuclear medicine stress tests done, etc.  My next stress test is August of this year.  I want to blow them away on that one.  Can't wait.  Been swimming & trying to exercise so should be a good one.  High blood pressure & high cholesterol unfortunately run in my family genetics.  My dad was a fit Marine his entire life, jogged everyday, etc.  Peak of fitness.  Yet, was on medication for bp & cholesterol.  My cardiologist said sometimes you just can't escape genetics.  And, so that's where I am.  I also have the high bp & borderline high cholesterol.  I'm on meds for the bp which my doc calls a nothing dose.  It really is a nothing dose.  Today, bp at the cardiologist was 120/ 70.  That is FANTASTIC for me!!!  I was so thrilled.  That means it's normal.  The exercise really has helped.  given my family history though, he refuses to take me off anything.  bummer.  Hey, it works, don't mess w/ it.  My echocardiogram was perfect.  So, very healthy, happy heart.  Cholesterol will be checked in December.  I'll try some dietary changes for sure to see if it helps.  I am really pushing to NOT go on cholesterol lowering drugs.  Time will tell.  So, wonderful heart checkup today for me.  Better yet, doc could see I was in pain I guess.  Wrote me the script for what is one wicked sinus infection.  Very thankful for that as this headache is really holding me back today.

As parents of special needs children, we have to make sure we are healthy as well.  We get regular checkups.  All bloodwork and such is perfect.  No issues except losing the weight.  Working on that one quite a bit.  In fact, Warren & I are having a contest to see who can lose the most weight every month till we reach our goal.  We're still kind of thinking what the winner will get at the end of the month.  Thinking of the winner picking out a place for a date night.  Good, small goal to start out with.  He's trying one way to lose weight and me another.  Hey, it's healthy competition if anything & will definitely do us both some good.

Now, onto the kids' medical stuff.  We have some issues going on that we need to resolve.  Health issues.  Nik goes in this week for audiology.  Hopefully, it will be to say he needs another implant.  Truly, he does.  The kid is literally counting down to this appointment, jumping up & down b/c he thinks he's getting his 2nd implant.  No lie.  I've tried to sign to him that the doctors are thinking about it.  I told him to make sure he tells the doctors he WANTS the second implant.  Dog gone kid acts shy when he goes in there & it ticks me off.  They need to see how he desperately wants this & is begging for it.  Seriously.  I'm thinking of recording him tomorrow & letting them see it.  Maybe that will do it.  Nik is doing all the pushing here, not us.  They need to see that for sure.

Alyona needs to go back to endocrinology.  We never did go back & it may give us confirmation she has a form of dwarfism.  We'll see.  I don't think the dx will make any difference quite frankly.  So, hers is a last on the list when we get around to it type of appointment.

Bojan.  Alright, Bojan's is priority & I've actually been calling new ortho clinics all morning trying to find one.  We have gone to the same place for years but doc is being ultra conservative & mean time, Bojan is in pain.  Not acceptable.  See, bojan has a doc that his done his surgeries for years w/ complete success.  However, same doc really, really messed up Alyona's arm & even caused permanent damage.  I explained to him she is highly complicated.  This has caused him I think to be ultra conservative in his thinking on Bojan.  Anyhow, he went last week & said to wait two months.  Umm, why?  Nothing will change except more pain.  Bojan has a severe clubfoot that was never corrected correctly in Serbia.  It has had so many surgeries that there is really hardly any place that doesn't have scar tissue.  Hence, not much more you can do to it.  He can not stand flatfooted on it at all.  Toes are curving over one another.  It's curving in.  Tried a brace, didn't help.  Bojan has requested we amputate his foot & frankly, it is the best option at this point.  He can't flex it, can't really run.  The stump of his amputated leg is having issues too.  They did an x-ray and sure enough, the bone is getting closer to the bottom of his leg.  See, Bojan has a lot of great "padding" on his amputated leg & makes it great for weight bearing.  Now, the bone is getting further down.  This is why he has been in more pain on that side as well.  BTW, told this is unusual for congenital amputees.  So, working on finding a team of doctors to work on him here.  After this issue is resolved, we'll work on his stomach issues too.

Yana.  She has been getting migraines for years.  Well, they are progressively getting worse where she'll vomit w/ them.  When she first started having them years ago, they did the routine checks, MRI, etc. and found nothing.  Now, it seems to be much worse in severity.  Don't know what they'll do this time but they do need to figure something out here.

Irina.  Irina has had major, major sinus & nose surgery just last year.  Well, it's messed up again.  She whistles when she breathes.  Now, we have to figure out what is going on.  Currently, I am calling & making appointments for those who are more severe.  So, Bojan & Yana are top priority right now.  Nik just happens to be going tomorrow so he is being checked off the list here.  But, been calling all morning trying to help bojan find someone.  Hard, really hard. 

That's what's going on medically w/ the kids right now.  I know we'll be able to help get all issues resolved over the  next few months.  Only one really concerned w/ is Yana as it just seems odd.  Especially, since just a few years ago all was deemed clear.  However, she has grown & gone through puberty so maybe hormones could effect the migraines??  Have NO unearthly idea as I'm very unfamliar w/ migraines.  Learning.  Just thought I'd update on the medical stuff.  With special needs children who came from orphanages, you have limited medical data & you have no idea what will pop up over the years.  We tackle it one or two at a time and move forward.  So, signing off so I can get busy calling while the kids are outside in the pool.  Enjoy your day.  Alyona's b-day party post is next. 

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