Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last weekend

So, so much to catch up on that I don't really know where to begin.  I did Nik's graduation and told of Yana's awards.  I will do the rest of the awards tomorrow in a post.  For now, just going through some of our last weekend's events...umm, well maybe not events.  More like laziness.  Nothing planned so just a take it easy kind of weekend.  I'll do it in pictures of course.

In case you're wondering, the leak is still here.  Hard to tell but there is water in that bucket.  Great news is it only happens during a heavy rain.  Bad news is... there have been a lot of heavy rains lately.  We help it along though....

Hard to tell what this is but it is the archway between kitchen & dining room.  To help the leak, we've drilled a few holes up there to let hte water flow better instead of building up.  Helps a bit but still not a fix.  Which brings me to the next awesome news.  We have friends that have offered to help here.  They are from another part of the state!  I have also talked to some people locally that also want to help.  Still in shock to think of folks giving up a weekend to help us fix up the house.  How wonderful is that?!  So, we are making a priority list of things that need to be repaired.  If anyone wants to help, come on over.  LOL.  It will truly be one big party.  We're feeding everyone & kids are all goign to help(to a point...we're not that crazy).  Can't wait.  It is the weekend of the 24th of July.  July 24th & July 25th.  VERY grateful and am simply overwhelmed w/ the kindness of people.  

Any future doctors in the house???  Alyona & Nik love to play pretend.  Great at imaginative play.  Love it.  Well, I took Nik to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon at a craft store.  Yes, his "beloved" Ava was there so he was more than thrilled.  LOL.  Well, to kill time I looked around a bit.  Found a clearance rack w/ .50 costume masks.  These have been a hit & have been played w/ ever since.  Max also got something that I'll explain in another post.  That morning, Alyona and I had gone to yardsales together.  Just the two of us.  We had a great time and even found this cool looking lamp for the girls' new room.  Warren said it looks like something from the Brady Bunch era but we love it.  Lots of cool stuff.  

Any guess what this stack of stuff is?  Or maybe what this is for:

Ahh, looks like a party to me.  Max & I went to a local party store that was going out of business.  80% off!  I went in thinking we would be in there maybe 15 minutes.  Yeh, right.  AC wasn't working quite right, people were offering to go get other folks drinks & only 2 registers there.  Long wait is an understatement but no one was mean about anything and I loved to witness human kindness.  It was getting late & Max & I knew we couldn't stay b/c we had to get to Nik's party.  So, a wonderful gentleman offered to put our stuff away.  Wecame back later but part of it was gone b/c he had thought the box was for the lady in front of me in line.  No biggie.  Still ended up w/ tons of stuff.  Tons.  Alyona's birthday is in 2 weeks and this will absolutely make her world.  Tinkerbell supplies along w/ a tiera.  Many other supplies too. The picture of this was of all the cards I got.  They had ALL greeting cards for .20 each!  Yes, just 20 cents a piece.  Stocked up a little.  Max was an awesome sport w/ all the ladies too.  Max is like his dad.  They both hate shopping w/ a passion.  Men.  

We get up Sunday morning, & this is what my kids decided to do.  Tolerant neighbors for sure.  5 of my kids out shucking corn early Sunday morning.  In their pajamas no less.  Well Alyona was in clothes from the previous day.  But, the results were worth it.

Yep, 30 ears of corn.  They have eaten the majority of it already.  They love it.  So do I. Unfortunately, I am allergic to corn.  Food allergies suck.  I'm hoping to get a whole bunch more to freeze for winter.  Nothing like fresh corn in the middle of winter.  

Swimming in the "swamp."  That is what we have nicknamed the pool.  Ironically, this pool was crystal clear blue the entire winter.  Turned green about a week ago.  Lovely, just in time for summer.  So, hot weekend, I let them swim in the swamp.  Today, the pool is back to being clear and blue thank goodness.  My kids live in the water in the summer.  I don't know what we'd do w/out a pool.  Honestly, it is what they do and great exercise and therapy.  Plus, I get to do laps.  Haven't gone in yet.  Too cold for my tastes so far.  As you can see, they are plenty warm and no fear of the swamp.  LOL.

These pictures are just because pictures.  Wanted to end on a bright note b/c one of my upcoming posts after awards is going to be about some FAS days we've had lately.  These pictures are of our fushcia plants on the front porch.  They are just so vibrant w/ color.  Love it.  Just gives you that wonderful summer feel.  Great way to start anyday by going outside the door & seeing two of these plants hanging w/ lots of bright flowers.  Makes me smile.  An awards post to come and an FAS kind of day post to come.  Just been extremely busy w/ the ceremonies at school.  Wait till you hear about all the awards!  Very proud.  more writing tomorrow I hope. 

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