Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Permission to repost:

When I adopted myson Michael from an orphanage in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan in 2007, I met a shy young girl named Diana at his orphanage.  Diana has juvenile diabetes.  Diana's diabetes in not under control.  Her orphanage doesn't have the money to get her the treatment she needs. Things like insulin pumps are very difficult to come by in Kazakhstan.  

Diana was supposed to be adopted, but the adoption fell through.  Diana is 16 now & too old to be adopted, under Kazakh law.  She came to America & received treatment fa few years ago in Texas, and the doctor who treated her felt if she couldn't get proper care she would not live to see her 18th birthday.  

She needs to be brought to America for treatment.  I am campaigning hard to find a sponsoring group or physician who would pay her way.  I sent out more than 8 emails to charitable organizations this morning but I think the more folks I talk to, the better.  Please help me spread the world, so we can get Diana the help she needs.

Any of you that have info, please contact me at boydbunch@gmail.com.  I will then pass the info onto the person spearheading this campaign to save Diana.  

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  1. i do not shore if i am right person to do it, but did you thought about posting it on Facebook pages of celebrities that work with ADA
    They may be able to help. Watching Celebrity Apprentice gave me this idea