Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Glitz & Glamour...what's it really worth

Okay, I'm not sure how to really begin w/ this one.  I just know I saw this on yahoo news and am perplexed on many levels.  The main level is how is this "news."  Since when does someone spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car count as "news?"  I don't get it.  But, someone did.  Here is the article I'm talking about:


I know basketball players are wealthy and most(not all) tend to live a somewhat extravagant lifestyle.  Yes, somedays it would be nice to be that wealthy, go into the mall and buy my kids some new clothes w/out thinking of the costs.  Do I long for that day?  No.  Do I care how rich someone is?  No.  this article is perplexing me on another level that I think ALL adoptive parents think of every once in awhile when they hear of something of this nature happening.  People wasting money.  Now, I know some will argue this is definitely not a waste.  It's a car.  People can spend their money how they want to bottom line.  Yet, this gets recognition and countless donors who donated to grants for orphans get zip for recognition.  I know they do not want the recognition, for that's not why they do it. They do it simply to rescue the orphans of the world.  However, if it were made public plastered all over yahoo news, maybe more plights of the orphans of the world would get more recognition.  People would know the little faces left behind in cribs to rot.  Versus staring at some Rolls Royce someone bought for her husband b/c he won a game.  No, I'm not trying to downplay a NBA Championship Title.  I just wish maybe for once someone would do a human interest story.  There are children laying bedridden over in Eastern Europe.  No human being should be in that situation.  No one.  Knowing Nik was headed exactly to that place & watching him swim, play, laugh and learn makes me think of these institutions more and more.  And for once, I'd love someone famous or rich make a donation to one of these places that help children like ours.  I do know there are a lot of celeberties that do a tremendous good w/ their money.  However, there are many, many more that don't seem to unless it is a spot on tv somewhere.  When I see someone spending $443,000 on a car, I think that could have easily have just saved 22 lives from imminent death.  I know I will probably get a lot of slack for writing something of this nature.  And even questioned publishing it.  I'm sure I could take the $443,000 and turn it into a million.  Shoot, Oprah's done that experiment w/ $100 before.  I know it's harder in this economy to accomplish such a feat but it IS doable.  Bottom line, I feel there is a lot of human good in the world.  I also see a lot of greed and waste and that really bothers me.  Shouldn't.  It's not my money.  People can spend as they wish.  Maybe though, if someone did a story, a GOOD story on the news, more giving to the orphans can be done.  I remember years ago when the major news networks covered the plight of the Romanian orphans.  Many, many were adopted afterwards.  Or when they covered the Serbian Institutions, more interest was peaked about international adoptions and the grim situations that these kids face.  My kids would have faced that same fate.  Many of them.  Makes me cringe every time I think about it. 

I guess this was just on my mind after seeing it.  Knowing full well what that money could do for so many orphans.  They could get a work program started for the older children that will never get a family.  Therapies could be started.  New shoes for some.  I just see how much good could be done.  Yes, this car put a smile on someone,s face but nothing like seeing a child smile after receiving their first NEW pair of shoes ever that are not too small for once.  I've seen that smile.  I bought Yana and Alex their first pair of shoes that fit them when we hosted them one summer.  It was heartwrenching to see Yana's toes all curled under b/c the shoes were literally 3.5 sizes too small.  I shouldn't complain yet I don't feel like appologizing for complaining aobut such an issue.  I want to see other "news."  Relavent news.  Human interest story news.  Okay, time for me to accept all the backlash I'm sure I'll receive on this post.  Thanks for listening to me babble.  More posts later.

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