Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting trip ready

 Any hints of what these are for??  Well, for any trip we take we make shirts for everyone.  Last time it was purple tye dyes for the girls & green for the boys.  We were going to do another tye dye this time but honestly, didn't have time nor money.  So, these American flag shirts(front of it) seemed fitting for a trip to D.C.  Best part, only $3 a piece.  I wrote everyone's name on the back since the shirts are dark colors.  That way, some of the kids get ahead of us, we can call them back easier.  You may laugh but the older kids learned quickly last year at the D.C. metro of how easy it is to get lost in a crowd.  And, w/ FAS memory issues, this is a serious problem.  Last year, even the older kids could not remember the hotel we stayed in.  And, we tried to drill it into them over & over.  So, having the same shirts helps a bunch.  We only do this w/ big, open spaces.  Hikes & such no big deal.  So, pictures will be easy to spot us.  Kids don't mind too much either. 

For those who don't know, we are going on vacation shortly.  It is for the Orenburg Adoption Reunion.  We leave on Thursday morning and will be gone until Sunday.  During that time, I will do NO blog entries.  I need a break.  So, I'll probably write once more tomorrow & then call it quits until Sunday evening.  Here's a glimpse of the itinerary.

Thursday-- leave here around 9am after eating breakfast.
                -- travel & eat lunch in the car.  (an adventure in itself.  LOL)
                -- get to the hotel and swim for a bit.
                -- go out to Olive Garden (leftover giftcards from Christmas..hooray!)

Friday -- wake up & eat a big breakfast in the hotel
            -- go down to D.C. & take the D.C. Ducks Tour.  (this should be a riot!)
            -- out to lunch at Foster's Grill (thank you Restaurant.com)
            -- back to hotel for a swim
            -- go to Walmart to pick up stuff for sandwiches for dinner in the rooms.

Saturday-- head to Bull Run Park at around 9:00am
               -- spend all day at the water park & reunion festivities.
               -- back to the hotel for a quick change and off to dinner
               -- 5:00 pm -- meet my family for dinner at Famous Dave's Barbeque
               -- back to hotel for a good night's sleep

Sunday-- depart hotel hopefully at 9am (if we're lucky) to head for the trip home.
            -- arrive home, unpack & do ALL laundry from trip.

Tomorrow is packing.  And more packing.  We washed the van today & cleaned it out.  something we do before every trip.  It's then we noticed the nail, screw or whatever piece of metal it is in the tire.  Yep, tomorrow we will be headed to Just Tires to get a patch or a plug for the tire.  I'm taking however many kids are at the house at that time & going up there.  I'm guessing they'll get us done quickly.  LOL.  Small waiting room for sure.  Then to the bank & maybe to Wally World if they are all semi- behaving. 

Lots of fun packed into this vacation so hoping all goes well.  Taking a chance here as usually the most the kids can make it is 3 days before all falls apart.  We've learned that over the years.  This is four days and we've told them prove it here and we'll go longer next time.  We'll keep you posted.  There should be lots & lots of pictures when we come back.  But, priority when I get back is to finish up this dossier & get it sent off.  Apostilling is no big deal here as we live right near the capitol.  Going to drop off the medical doc letterhead tomorrow so I can pick up as soon as I get back.  Should have ALL my dossier docs ready next week.  Wahoo!!!  We'll see.  Much happening.  More later.

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  1. I live in the DC area and it has been H*O*T so those shirts are going to be extra sweaty!