Monday, June 21, 2010

Fundraiser results

Oh, so much to say.  Tyical, huh?  LOL.  I'd love to tell the story in pictures.  I still can't believe we pulled it off.  After Bojan being violently ill Friday, 15 kids here, Alyona's party, spend the night w/ 12 kids here, & getting ready for the fundraiser, I'm shocked we even got to do anything.  But, we did.  Girls got up early w/ me after all of us had about 5 hours of best.  We made tea, chilled drinks, made a menu, etc.  And,  still managed to make pancakes & bacon for breakfast.  so, some pics from the day.

We were starting to set up here so enthusiasm was high.  As was the temp.  It was in the high 90's that day.  H-O-T is an understatement.  We had to keep running into the house to get ice cream out of the freezer as it melted in the cooler..full of ice.  

This kid was hilarious.  We all got a kick out of it.  Bojan would jump up & down & wave every time a car went by.  I must say, the majority of cars stopped.  We have wonderful neighbors and very, very kind neighbors at that.  One stopped by that I didn't even know lived in the neighborhood  a few doors down.  Their daughter was in Bojan's class!  Small world.  

I was proud of Alex.  Remember, Alex's body can't handle heat too well.  He keeps a bandana around his neck or head all during summer.  The bandana we wet.  Helps keep him cool.  Alex would get red quickly and overheat and we'd have to send him in.  Poor guy.  Couldn't have picked a hotter day to do this.  But, alex did survive & was happy he was a part of it.

You can tell by the balloons that were just blown up, just how hot it was outside.  They deflated very quickly.  

Irina just relaxing in the heat.  You had to this day.  

Everyone helped out.  Max was sitting down in this picture.  There are 2 "extras" here.  Two friends of the kids wanted to help too so they did.  All the kids did such an awesome job.  I couldn't believe they tolerated the heat so well.  

After a long day of selling ice cream & then cooling off in the pool, it was definitely a good time for a nap.  Nik and Alex always sleep together.  Yes, they are that close.  At first, Alex is always distant w/ new kids coming home.  Then, their relationship develops & this is what you get.  Two true brothers once again. Still don't understand how Alex is in a sweatshirt & blanket on him.  Almost a hundred degrees out and this kid is all wrapped up.  Crazy.  For a couple hours in the hot sun, the kids made $80.  They still need to learn the concept of money as they said "now can we go get them & bring them home?"  Yeh kids, just a little short.  However, I think it is wonderful the dedication they had to help bring their brother & sisters home.  One day, hope the new sibs will look back on this event w/ great admiration of what these kids did for them to come home too. 

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