Friday, June 18, 2010

A few pics

Thought I'd share a few more around the house pics as the last post was so wordy.  So, here goes. 

My kids have been enjoying some great swim time.  perfect weather for it here as well.  They do love each other & I think the incident the other day was simply a hug gone wrong.  Here they are, no troubles & Alyona is doing the tight squeeze.  

yes, my kids love to climb on the counter.  He was helping fill this pot up to boil corn.  For some reason, the picture is kind of blurry.  

Alex enjoying corn...again.  My kids could eat all day long if you'd let them.  And corn especially.  They love it.  Nothing like corn in the summer after a long swim.  

Two boys, no shirts.  Typical here.  Nik has an ear of corn in front of him and Bojan is snacking on leftover chips from where we had people over.  

I promise you our lives do not revolve around food despite the last few photos.  We had an another adoptive family over for dinner this past weekend.  Well, they brought their ice cream machine and we were able to have homemade icecream.  Loved it.  Kids really enjoyed taking turns making the ice cream.  And don't worry about Bojan.  If you look closer, you can see the leg is actually off.  His bone is starting to grow closer to the skin and this is a major problem.  Again, I'll do another post about him as he has some medical issues going on right now w/ his legs that need to be addressed.  

Still more to share obviously.  Our week is somewhat settling down.  We will have 13 kids here today.  Bojan is sick and "quarantined" to his room for now.  That is until I figure out if it is a bug or just his stomach issues.  Hard to tell the difference at times.  We do need to get Bojan back to a gastroenterologist soon I think.  He and the others had H-pylori but we have not taken him back for a recheck.  I do think that is contributing to some of his issues right now.  The urologist we went to a few months ago seemed to think it was no big deal but I beg to differ at this point.  So, searching for a good doc for him to resolve all this stuff.  Poor kid takes it in stride though.  Everyone is watching a movie right now.  I'm getting ready to feed them all and then it is swim time for them.  Those who want to of course.  More to come later today.  Just will be busy w/ them the next few hours.  Just know everyone is doing really well.  Enjoying summer.  they are so excited about vacation next week.  Can't wait.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Warren has to work but the rest of us will alternate between relaxation and fixing up the house a bit.  We have had a very successful decluttering session this week.  Finally.  Stay tuned for more to come. 

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