Sunday, June 6, 2010

Deaf children needing homes

I will get to the point as I know that is what you all are waiting for.... the kids!!!  An agency recently sent someone to EE (not Russia either) to visit an orphanage. There are 17 deaf or HOH children available for adoption.  It is a great school.   However great it is, it is still NOT the same as a family and we all are well aware of that fact.  These children need families to truly reach their fullest potential.  Some of these children even have CI's (cochlear implants) or HA's(hearing aids).  They are also working with software to improve their speech!  So, a great school indeed.  Told all the kids are pretty healthy as well.  This is for married couples only.  Hate it when they do that as I know many a great single parents.  But, we do not make the rules.  I'm just passing the info forward.  The children range in age from 5 years old to 15 years old.  There is a 15yo that turns 16yo & ages out in November.   They are really trying to find her a family as her time is short.  I do hope some of you reading this have a heart for some great deaf kiddos.  I know I do & would in a heartbeat if we weren't already thoroughly committed to go to Bulgaria and bring our 3 home.  I started out looking for a deaf sib for Nik.  Now, here we have 17 available.  Timing.  This means though that there are 17 beautiful children available for you to bring home and become a forever family.  Please help spread the word.  You can contact me at for more info.  I will get back to everyone.  This happens to be an extremely busy, busy week for me.  Nik's kindergarten graduation is tomorrow.  The rest of the week is award ceremonies for me to attend.  So much to say but so much to do.  Will write more tomorrow once some other things are ironed out. 

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