Monday, June 28, 2010

D.C. Trip-- Day Two (part 2)

Well, we ended with lunch.  Then it was onto the hotel for the rest of the day. 

Do you want to guess where they put us?  On the very end down the hallway so there is no one on one side of us.  Smart thinking on their part.  We had adjoining rooms which we love.  Made it easeier for us.  We came back to the hotel after lunch, watched a little tv so our food would settle and then headed back out to get some dinner supplies from the grocery store.  We did this b/c we realized the pool didn't open till 5pm on the weekdays.  Got some chicken for dinner, plums, and chips ahoy cookies of course.  Had water back at the room.  On trips, we usually bring about 2 cases of water w/ us.  Helps.  After the grocery store, back to the hotel and time to swim.  We have a pool but apparently a "different" pool that is inside is much cooler.  So, it was time to swim.  Some shots below from the pool.

Alyona is realizing this pool is a little cooler than ours.  Her expression says it all.  She did get in though and no stopping her after tha.

My kids also discovered the hot tub.  This was before they discovered the jets.  There's a fifteen minute limit for being in here which is good.  Gives them enough time to enjoy it and get out.

Nik, our camera hog.  Nik hasn't seen a camera he didn't like.  Always smiles.

I think they had fun, don't you?  After the pool, we headed back up to the room for dinner.  They ate all the leftovers from previous days and then some chicken.  We all vegged out for awhile watching some mindless tv.  We don't have cable or satellite at home so we all really just loved flipping through channels.  

Somehow, they all make it work...sitting, eating and watching tv after a long day of fun and swimming.  What more could you want?  No one was fighting, no one was yelling, it was nice.  

Irina, just goofing off for the camera.  This was actually taken the next morning. Have no idea what she was doing here.  Hey, I'll take happy anyday though so I'm not complaining.  All in all, we had a fun day.  Though it did not start off as we anticipated, we ended up having a great time.  The kids adjusted to the change of plans very well.  I was extremely proud of them for that.  All went to sleep around 9 or 10 that night too.  Now, why can't they do that at home?   Next post will be Day Three-- the reunion.  -- the whole reason we came on this trip. 

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