Monday, June 28, 2010

D.C. Trip-- Day Three (part I)

After a good night's sleep, we were up and adam.  Sort of:

Alex didn't quite want to get out of bed.  He eventually did.
Anything wrong w/ this picture?  No?  How about this one:

Poor thing put the bathing suit on backwards.  And yes, this is not photoshopped.  She truly is this skinny.  Not emaciated but very, very skinny for sure.  Docs say it's fine but she's just so dog gone tiny.  We fixed her suit and were on our way.

We had to go pick up the cake for the reunion.  We were bringing a cake to celebrate Alyona's birthday.  I based the size of the cake on the # of people attending the reunion.  However, we could have used probably about half of that cake.


Picked up the cake and it was off to the Orenburg Reunion!  The whole reason we were having this trip in the first place.  It is for all the families that have adopted from the Orenburg Region of Russia to get together and share stories, life experiences, etc.  It was absolutely wonderful!  A different family hosts every year.  This year, a park/ waterpark area was chosen as the hosting site.  Great choice to say the least and we could not have asked for better weather. 

A peak of the waterpark we were going to be spending our whole day at.  We had to pay and it is a certain amount for kids 48" and under.  That part was fine.  What breaks my heart every single time we do something like this is Alyona is indeed 11 years old.  However, she may have a form of dwarfism.  She is not even on a growth chart.  Nik is starting to pass her in height.  Passed her in weight a long time ago.  Trouble is here, she is an avid swimmer and can do anything in the pool the other kids are.  So, her brother, same exact age, is able to go on the big waterslides while she is not b/c she is little.  What are we going to do when she's 16 and the same size?  When she wants to go to her friends but they go somewhere that has a height requirement.  Will proof of age help?  What do other parents do in this situation?  Anyone ever run into this before?  We're supposed to carry a birthcert in the car w/ us at all times in case we get stopped and she's not in a carseat.  I understand if this had rides and there were a danger of slipping out but this is a waterslide.  Just gets to me a little b/c I see how later down the road this will be a huge issue for her.  No pun intended.  We will cross these bridges when we get to them. 

Waterpark didn't open until 11 so we had time to kill.  And, this is what Bojan decided to do with his time.  He's getting bigger by the day.  Bojan, not the bug.  

A picture of the top of the waterslide.  Some of our kids are up there waiting to go down.  Warren tried to get a picture of them coming out of the waterslide but it never did quite work so I'll spare you those shots.  Now, there was this kid section that kids, teens and even adults had the best time with.  Take a look:

This is SO MUCH FUN!!!  There are all kinds of things on and in it.  That big bucket on the top fills up and spills a thousand gallons of water on everyone waiting below.  You have no idea how much we all laughed at this thing.  You had parents shooting kids w/ the massive water guns as they go down the waterslide of this thing.  It was just really, really cool.  Warren was trying to figure out how we could build one in our backyard w/ all that excess water we have.  LOL.

This is Nik, Alex, Max & Irina waiting for the water to come pouring down. 

This is the after of the water coming down.  

A view of how it looks from the front coming down.  Water everywhere!

You can see more of this amazing structure here.  Bojan is on the left pulling that rope for water to pour on him.  We let him keep his leg on for this part.  Squeaked like crazy for the last 2 days but worth it for him.  It's dried out mostly.  No rusted parts.  Our tin man survived.  LOL.  

No idea why this picture is distorted.  Not sure what happened to it.  But, it's Alyona waiting to dump water on herself as well.  

I typically do NOT label my children.  Hate doing it.  But, for safety reasons, I did this time.  It started out w/ orange marker on his arm saying his name & that he's deaf.  Well, that was not seen too well and after some lifeguards thinking this kid is just not listening to them, I decided to do this to him.  After that, no more issues.  I also spoke w/ as many lifeguards as possible to say please ignore his screams & that he is a very avid swimmer and can tread water forever.  Most the time I was with him but being in a strange place w/ so many people, I did indeed label my son this time around.  I told him what it said & why I was doing it.  He was fine w/ it.  Frankly, he didn't care what I wrote as long as he could play in the water.

Irina and Alex enjoying some time together.  We all took a break from swimming for some great lunch at the reunion.  We all went back into the pool for awhile.  That is until the lifeguard whistle blew and everyone had to evacuate the pool.  I was on the island with some of the kids when this happened.  I told them all to wait.  Last time it was a kid drowning so I wanted to make sure we didn't slide into the water and create more chaos.  Was it a kid drowning?  Was it a kid hurt?  Why no.  It was a kid that vomitted all in the pool.  YUCK!!!   So, protocol was to get everyone out and clean up.  Shock the pool and re-open in an hour.  It was getting later so we felt it a great time to wrap it up and leave.  We said our goodbyes and thank yous and we're on our way back to the hotel to then get ready to go out to dinner.

Loaded up and ready to go home.  Well, onto our next adventure... dinner with Nana & Poppop.  Stay tuned for the next installment of day three. 

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