Tuesday, June 29, 2010

D.C. Trip-- Day Three (part 2)

After visiting w/ all the Orenburg folks, we were off to the hotel.  It was so refreshing being with other adoptive families who have been through the same type of experiences with their children.  Nice to meet new parents as well.  Seeing how well all the kids are doing once home to loving families is just such an impact on a person.  Really makes us think and allows us to see many other kids thriving.  These are the types of events that I wish the Russian government could see.  Not the hyped up adoption stories gone wrong.  There are very, very few of those compared to the tens of thousands of adoptions that have gone right.  And what's great is that these kids are not thought of as our Russian adopted kids.  When we all get together it is just these are my kids and this is what they are up to now.  Even shared w/ others regarding the "trying teen" years.  LOL.  Again, nice to be around other families that share a common thread. 

Anyhow, it was off to the hotel to change.  We were only 4 miles from the hotel so didn't take us long.  Kids were zonked by this time.  But, we all managed to get enough energy up to shower and change for dinner.  We headed to Famous Daves BBQ for dinner with my family.  Trouble was google directions were not the best and we were not anywhere near knowing where we were going or what we were doing.  However, we got there so no worse for wear.

Kids were thrilled to see everyone again.  My parents were there, my sister & her family and my brother & his family.  And, my Aunt & Uncle came as well. I have pictures but I always ask permission first before posting other people's kids even if it's family.  So, no pictures of relatives.  Sorry about that.  But, I will ask & post them at a later time if possible.  Meantime, enjoy some shots of my kiddos.

Nik and Yana enjoying some wings.  The food here was fantastic.  

I told Irina to give me her best sad face shot.  I think she did.  

Huge birthday cake for Alyona & Alex.  My parents had surprised them with it.  Very sweet of them.  Candles and a candle that worked like a sparkler.  Pretty cool for sure.  Alyona had already received her gifts.  Alex got a scooter and all of them got a new Wii game to share.  Kids were very excited about it all. BTW, the scooter is up and running at home and the kids have had a lot of fun with it.  

This is her second giant birthday cake of the day.  I think that smile is permanent on her face.  

Horrible shot of us all but figured I'd put it in here anyhow.  Don't know why Max has a monster claw on Nik's head or why Bojan is not looking.  Most of our hair is a mess but hey, it's life and we were so,so tired by this time.  

We had a relaxing dinner and tried to catch up a bit.  My Aunt Elsie and Uncle Bob gave us a nice surprise.  It was McDonald's giftcards.  I will save this for a story later where they come into play.  For now, just know those were giftcards were given at exactly the right time.  My parents treated us to dinner and cake.  Delicious & very much appreciated after a long day.  We talked a little.  I talked mostly to my brother as he was sitting next to me.  It was a nice visit.  I learned my sister is pregnant again w/ her second child.  I congratulated her and wished her well.  I was excited for my sister.  I know she's wanted another chlid for awhile.  Glad they are able to add to their family.  So, once again, we're on this "pregnancy" journey together.  She's belly pregnant and I'm "paper pregnant" as we call it in the adoption world.  It was this way before four years ago when she was first pregnant and I was in process for Alyona and Nik.  Two different paths but the end destination is truly the same...formation of a forever family.  Whether through birth or adoption.  End result is the exact same.  Glad we were all able to catch up if even briefly.  Hopefully, next time it can be a little longer.  We said our goodbyes, a few more photos and off to the hotel.  

What better way...

to pass the time in a hotel room....

then to have daddy spin you around and around in a chair.  He loved this.  Of course afterwards he told me his belly hurt and he wanted to throw up.  No, he didn't throw up but the thought of it was enough for me.  We all settled down in the room and started to pack up.  Took some things to the van and we were ready to go tomorrow morning.  A wonderful day all around and very tired children that evening.  What more could we ask for?!  More to come later on.  Day Four, the final chapter is the next post or two.  Lots and lots to say in that one for sure.  Right now, I have my boys outside looking for big sticks.  They watched Avatar yesterday.  I was cleaning out my drawers today and found St. Patrick's Day tattoos.  A whole big bag full of them.  I said boys, you can put these on and be warriors.  They were elated.  So, they are covered head to toe in tattoos.  (yes, even the boy I sit for).  I made them think of new warrior names.  Now, they are finding huge sticks/ branches in the woods.  I told them they can paint them anything they want to.  --Warrior Spears.  Everything is better w/ a cool name you know.  LOL.  We'll see how this ends up.  Could go well, could go horrible.  I don't have the tots today so we can do this w/ the older ones.  Stay tuned for Day Four of our D.C. trip.  

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