Sunday, June 27, 2010

D.C. Trip-- Day One

Well, we left at 11 am this day.  Later than expected but good time to go. 

This is where we were headed...Virginia!  Chantilly, VA.  It isn't too far from the D.C. area and was a great place to visit for sure.  It was hot the day we left.  Of course it was. Shoot, today, it was 101 here.  Anyhow, kids were excited to be going away from home.  

See, pleasant on the beginning of the trip.  Do remember this picture for later...somewhere around day 4.  Here's another shot of getting along:

See, more happy.  LOL.  Seriously though, Nik & Alex are really close.  Alex requested he sit by Nik this trip so we let him.  And yes, Nik will be out of that carseat.  We just didn't have time to change it out this go around.  We ate lunch in the car this trip.  PBJ, sunchips or baked Lay's, apples & licorice.  My kids went through 4 lbs. of licorice this trip.  Yikes!  

We passed some interesting architecture.  Max loves this kind of stuff:

This is the suspension bridge over the James River in VA.  All the kids love this.  It is pretty neat to think it's holding up the entire bridge.  

We got to the hotel and then went to go out to dinner.  We had leftover giftcards from Christmas from my parents.  So, we used them.  We decided on Red Lobster and it was surely a hit w/ all the kids.  Remember, it is a rarity that we go out to eat so this is a real treat to them.   

Of course checking out the lobsters in the lobbying was a big thrill to watch.  We got seated right away and had the best waitress ever.  She really interacted w/ the kids.

They loved the cheese bisquits.  They are SO, SO good.  Most of us had shrimp and Max & Bojan had fish.  Water to drink.  All my kids get water typically when we go to restaurants.  Many reasons for this.  One is cost but other is simply watching sugary intake.  Very important w/ kids with FAS.  So yes, even on trips we have to watch.  But, it is routine & kids know the rules that you can see they are no worse for wear from it.  Renee(our waitress), was awesome.  She looked at Bojan & said "slow down son.  You're eating like you have a hollow leg there."  She had absolutely no idea what he'd do next.  Bojan said "well, actually, I do."  And showed her his leg.  The whole table was cracking up and she was a good sport about it all.  You have to have humor w/ these things.   The whole dinner was great from beginning to end.  After dinner, we went across the street to order a cake for the reunion for Alyona's birthday.  And, picked up a snack.  Yes, we were bad & picked up mini donuts in a bag.  We literally never have those here but for some reason, they were calling us all.  LOL.

Alex enjoying leftover shrimp and Nik enjoying a donut.  BTW, Alex loves this couch because it "transforms."  Ahh, the transforming couch.  Otherwise known as a sofabed.  

Relaxing after a great first day.  Max has control of the remote & I think that is why Yana and Irina decided they could careless what was on tv & were going to go to bed.  And no, Bojan does not sleep in his leg.  Girls were freezing the whole time in the room and the boys were too hot.  Figures.  Surpisingly, bedtime wasn't too horrible for all involved.  All were usually in bed by 9 or 10pm.  Stay tuned for more on Day Two. 

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