Friday, June 18, 2010

Checking in

SO, SO much to catch up on.  however, as you can see, I have been absent for a bit.  Our computer crashed, this time beyond repair.  Stinks just b/c of the timing of it all.  Warren HAS to have a computer for work.  No options not to unless he wants to travel there on weekends sometimes.  He commutes to work so not the best solution.  Had to go out and purchase a new computer.  Sad but when you do an adoption you think of any purchase you have to make as one in paperwork terms.  You know... oh, the computer was almost as much as the I-800A application.  Or something similar.  hate it.  Again, this is life and not much I can do about it.  this is the first night back w/ a computer so sorry about that.

I can't even begin to tell you all the week we've had here at Chaos Manor.  Amazing all mine are still alive.  And unfortunately, I mean that literally & not figuratively.  I forget the transition period sometimes that FASers go through at the end of school.  I'm still getting used to that 24 hour hypervigilent state I have to be in w/ them here.  Seriously.  This is why we must, must get cameras installed in this home w/ a monitor system so that I can see them at all times.  This is not a joke.  We were approved for one years ago based on all the disabilities here.  Company that was supposed to install never called back.  I got busy(ha, can you imagine that?) and never got to follow up either w/ the organization that arranged it all to begin with.  So, long story short, no monitoring system right now but desperate need for one.  Especially, during the summer.  URGHH!!!  Nik nearly drowned Alyona yesterday.  I honestly think this one was an accident as I had just finished taking their picture.  But it was exactly like that scene out of Lilo & Stitch where stitch kept dragging Lilo down in the water.  It was happening before my eyes.  I was getting ready to jump in but I had four kids in there next to Alyona.  Max scooped her away from Nik while Alex peeled Nik off of her.  Again, I think this was him trying to hug her as I had just finished taking pictures of them hugging each other.  Just takes a split second though. Made Nik get out & explained he was hurting her.  He told me no, he wasn't.  Still learning the sign for drown at this point.  We showed him an example using the boys & then he got it.  Alyona was fine.  Scared at first but fine.  max held her while Alex & Bojan performed the coconut dance to make her feel better.  Dont' ask.  That was one catastrophe avoided.  Next up. 

Max & Alyona were the next catastrophes here.  Max was filling up the windshield wiper fluid in the van.  No big deal.  Well, except he pretends to drink it in front of Alyona.  Now, I know he's kidding around.  She does NOT.  URGHH.  he said " I told her it's poison."  Now, I know Max would NEVER give this to her but I was more concerned of her thinking it was koolaid or something another time.  I was yelling from the window at this time.  I've explained to him her challenges and how we have to think of her as being 3 years old, NOT almost 11 years old.  Ahh, FAS thinking at work.  Other FAS parents know what I mean about that one.  max understood and reiterated to her it's not a drink.  alyona said "I know that.  I'm not stupid."  Okay, she gets it.  She said that sarcastically to him too. 

Today was much better than those yesterday happenings.  Forgot to mention Alex was an emotional nightmare.  Happens w/ transitions.  Now, today is finally, finally turning the corner and we're now semi back to normal.  Been a very rough few days w/ no computer, FAS craziness, etc.  Today, the only happenings has been Max breaking eveything.  Let me explain that better.  He breaks everything to put it back together again.  So, takes stuff apart & puts it back together or tries to.  Well, he did that to Bojan's cd player.  Still not back together yet.  Yana is reading the dictionary front to back.  Literally.  She's trying to use words I don't know.  I'm annoyed.  Know I shouldn't be but trust me, don't need to hear a new word every few seconds.  Dog has decided he doesn't like the new dog food.  Explain Bear's health later.  Irina's OCD went out of control.  Whole has is cleaned.  Umm, NOT good.  I know you think that is good but in the process I've had to dig through garbage as she throws out anything laying around including vital receipts!  URGHH.  My life.  working on a Father's Day gift.  So, we do this tacky t-shirt every year.  had the kids out working on it this morning.  Someone decides to let the dog out while paint is all over.  Do you see where this is going?  yep, Bear walks right on the t-shirt...with the paint on the paws.  I thought about leaving it but managed to cover some up.  Dirt may still be stuck on there but who cares at this point.  We also wrote names on our upcoming shirts for the trip. 

I'm having some questions on the I-800A to fill out.  Asking agency tomorrow.  Like, what do you do if you can't recall the dates of all  your last approvals?  Who knew I'd be asked this again as I thought we were done adopting after each & every adoption.  LOL  Didn't save some of this stuff.  Lovely.  Another thing to add to my to do list.  We are also getting ready for Alyona's party tomorrow.  And, a fundraiser the girls are doing on Saturday.  haven't written and since I'm watching 12 kids tomorrow, I highly doubt I'm writing tomorrow either.  Can I please have a vacation??  sorry.  This post really turned more into a whine/ vent & that is not what I meant it to be.  There are some great things happening but will share later.  Way more to say & now that we ahve a functioning computer again, I'll share more this weekend and play catch up.  Bojan's appointment was today.  need a new orthopedist & will explain in detail later.  This one's great, don't get me wrong but again, will explain more.  Trouble w/ clubfoot, trouble w/ stump now on amputated leg as well.  never dull here.  I'm still learning how to use this stupid new keyboard so if you see lots of mistakes, you'll know why. 

Suffice it to say, I've had a long week.  i think every parent does the first week of summer break.  Today is when finally saw it all starting to turn around for the better.  A sense of relief.  Nice feeling.  Been gettign to do laps in the pool and play w/ the kids some.  Getting excited about our vacation and getting nervous about the upcoming adoption stuff.  So, though this post was very whiny, next few ones definitelyshould not be.  Oh, and picture updates coming to.  You have to see some of these great kids & what they're doing.  Hey, maybe a belated Thoughtful thursday post tomorrow.  Tune in for more a bit later tomorrow.  I don't really write when I'm watching kids as they're my responsibility.   I have a ton to say & will catch up on stuff.  Just family comes first and we have lots going on w/ family lately.  Some good, some not so good.  But, nothing horrible.  Just normal family stuff.  Well, normal for our family.  Still trying to fix up the house some more.  hey, it's all cleaned now.  Not the garage b/c that's Warren's area.  Even the laundry is 100% done!  Can't believe it myself.  So, no computer has done me some good too.  Warren & I are having a weightloss competition between us.  It's a good thing.  More to come this weekend.   thanks for letting me semi-vent.  We're finally getting on track & normal routine for summer.  things have calmed down tremendouslyh from earlier this week.  See you all later. 

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  1. We couldn't remember the dates of all of our past approvals either. I sent a seperate page that listed the approximate month and also the month that the children's visas were issued. I wrote, on that page that I honestly did not remember exact dates, but by including the dates that the visas were issued (which is in their passports, so I had to look)I hoped that would be enough. It was! We had no issues getting our approval without exact dates.