Monday, June 14, 2010

Another award post

Just two awards' ceremonies left to cover.   Phew!  Time to get to it.  We left off w/ Bojan.  Next is Alyona.  As you all know, Alyona is in a self-contained classroom w/ K to 5th graders.  She has grown by leaps and bounds this year.  Yet, we are still in reality that she is really far behind peers her age.  She is starting to learn how to read and we are quite proud of that fact.  Why?  B/c just last year we were told she may never learn how to read due to her disabilities.  Not to mention the lousy eyesight.  Basically, she functions w/ one eye and the other "good" eye is grainy.  So, for her to learn how to read truly is a miracle.  I had the "littles" with me that day.  (I do not post pics of the kids I sit for but trust me, they're cuties!).  They were quite patient as we were having to classroom hop due to Alex & Alyona being in the same grade & same time celebrations.  And if it weren't for Max's FAS meltdown that morning, we would have had to school hop as well. 

Alyona's classroom also celebrated summer birthday's as well. 

Here is a picture of some of the summer birthday kiddos.  You can see Alyona in her pink dress.  She loves pink and is such our girlie girl.  The picture gives you a clear indication just how small Alyona is fo rher age.  And, I'm pretty sure some of the others are younger than her.  We were supposed to go back to endocrinology to see if a dx of dwarfism may be in order.  However, we never went back.  Sometimes, I dont' see the point in having every dx on paper.  This one we've let go.  She is who she is and that's all that counts.  Alyona has an awesome teacher this year & she's taught some of our other children in the past.  Mrs. M is the best!  Alyona is lucky that she gets to have her next eyar as well for 4th grade.  

The classroom awards' pics turned out so much better than the ones in the cafeteria.  Alyona received one for excellence in the classroom.  She's so proud.  She also recieved a school award for good behavior and one for student of the month for courage.  Again, I had no idea.  My kids tell me nothing.  She received another award for the school but can't remember what it was.  Like I said, piles of awards everywhere.  I always remember the more significant ones.  Though all are great. 

Next, we have Alexander.  Though, the week of awards I was ready to strangle him, he survived to make the awards.  LOL.  Why was I ready to do that to him?  Let's see....

Every morning, this is what he looked like.  That is AFTER we would spend 25 minutes trying to wake him up.  And then there is this:

Can't tell anything wrong w/this?  Maybe look a little closer at this hosta:

Can you see it?  Someone took scissors to my hostas!  Yep, cut off the purple flowers.  Fortunately, it was only this one. The others were untouched.  Why?  Who knows.  It's an FAS type of thing to do. The only reason I suspect Alex is b/c he's the only one who likes to cut things off.   Usually though, it is his shoes or clothes.  Not my flowers.  

Despite these things, I still went to his awards.  Really, I honestly would have gone no matter what he did.  He received a classroom award.  Alex had tremendous growth this year but we all felt another year in 3rd would put him over the top for sure for success.  So, Alex will be in third this coming year.  He actually is okay w/ it and we have spoken about it in length w/ him.  

This is Alex w/ his teacher.  She was wonderful too.  Alex also received an award for good behavior and for the National Fitness Test.  Alex's nickname here is 'Dash' for a reason.  

I swear all my kids must have stage fright.  I really can not get a smiling face when they get an award.  This was Alex getting his fitness award. 

All in all, the kids did beautifully this year.  ALL my elementary kids my tremendous growth academically and accomplished so much.  Yana grew the most by far.  I really do hope they keep up this pace next year.  What amazes me even more is that NONE have behavioral issues at school.   Remember, they do have multiple dx's and FAS.  For them to not get in trouble, I think is a testimony just to how much kids can move forward despite their past experiences.  That is, w/the right kind of guideance and love.  I think their teachers help w/ that guideance for sure.  

Great year overall.  We had some trouble w/ social issues such as bullying by other kids but we survived it.  Next year they will soar.  Can't wait.  

It has been a whirlwind of a few days.  Lots more to say.  Just need some more time.  Tomorrow.  Kids are out of school for the summer.  We are hvaing a full break week this week to adjust.  Starting next week, I do about 2 hours of school w/ them each day.  Some fun topics.  Just to keep them busy really.  Not so bored.  FAS kids are always needing to be in motion or doing something.  I will make sure they have stuff to do.  Kids are wanting to do a mini fundraiser this weekend.  More on that too.  Have a great evening.  More later.

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