Monday, June 14, 2010

Another award post

Cut to the chase as I have too much going on to be writing on here.  LOL.  Kids are all out of school but Ihave the day off from the 3 other kids that I normally watch.  Playing catch up & we're being vampires today as they're not going out in the sun much today.  We have really been out a lot and are already dark.  And this early in the season, I'm not happy about that.  Yes, we wear sunscreen but still get quite the tan.  Normally, I wouldn't mind but it is only mid-June.  Many more hot sunny months left here.  We'll be careful.  Here's a shot from earlier in the season:

This is Alex & Alyona swimming.  I wish I had a picture from yesterday.  He is as dark as Max now.  And this is with sunscreen on everyday.  Applied before they get in & yes, they have to wait 30 minutes.  Strong, strong sun.  More summer pics in another post.  I'm sidetracking again. 

Awards.  Next to report about is Bojan.  Our now 5th grader!  Yes, he moved onto 5th grade.  No surprise. This is one smart cookie.  I really am impressed w/ Bojan.  He loves anything about Egypt & wants to learn heiroglyphics over the summer.  Umm, yes Bojan, I'll help w/ that.  LOL.  Seriously though, he loves to read & just devours new things.  It is so refreshing to see.  Really is.  Bojan received Studen of the Month back in April for courage.  So did Alyona.  3 of my kids received the award & never told me.  Nice.  What really threw me for a loop was Bojan's award for art.  He received one out of his class. Art teacher picked.  But, his drawing was also selected to be in the showcase of stars in the county we live in!  I was stunned.  no one ever told me.   Otherwise, we would have gone and seen it.  I was extremely proud of him for that.  Bojan also received a National Fitness Award.  

Here is Bojan receiving one of his art awards.  now, as much as this kid is all smiles, I could not get a single shot of him smiling.  For the class award, he received loveable jokester.  Yes, he will be in television one day.  Bojan recieved an award for National Fitness, art achievement, great behavior, student of the month, and I think a/b honor roll but have to check on that one.  It has been so hectic here that awards are still scattered in the strollers, the coffee table, backpacks and who knows where else.  We get there slowly at the end of the year as far as organizing that stuff.  

There is then Alyona & Alex.  Saving them for another post as I have to load some more pics from their ceremonies.  That is it for now.  Still in declutter mode for today.  Wahoo!!!  Think we've decided what we're doing in D.C. during the Friday we're there.  Okay, Nik is messing w/ the mouse so need to just hit publish.  More coming soon.  I have about 3 more posts to do.

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