Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alyona's birthday -- part II

Time to get to the rest of the birthday stuff.  Well Friday we woke up and Bojan was violently sick.  I mean, really, really sick & won't go into describing it to spare you the details.  LOL.  He gets this way some times and really have to figure out the stomach issues.  We just make sure he doesn't get dehydrated.  Keep 2 bottles of Pedialyte on hand at ALL times for him and for Alex (Alex's adrenal/ kidney issues).  Otherwise, bojan gets dehydrated from throwing up so much that he needs 2 of those IV bags to get him back to normal.  and for us, we try to avoid doc offices as we have enough appointments there as it is.  We were tending to Bojan and had 5 other kids staying over that I was watching.  don't worry, their parents know about Bojan & that it is NOT a contagious thing.  BTW, Bojan was swimming after lunch that day and eating like crazy.  Once we make it through teh first few hours with him, it is clear sailing.  Anyhow, back to Alyona.  All the kids that were here decided to help decorate. 

Kept it simple w/ girlie colors.  Balloons on all the chairs, tinkerbell centerpieces, streamers hanging from the doorways.  

I think she is thinking about what she is going to wish for.  Oh, she's in her pj's b/c they just finished swimming that night.

She's very proud of herself right here for sure.  After this, they enjoyed cake.  Trust me, they'd been snacking all day long and didn't  need any other junk.  LOL.  there were 5 kids that ended up spending the night so we had 12 kids here.  Practice for sure.  They watched a movie after the cake and then "settled" for bed.  and I use the word settled loosely.  Maybe got ot bed around 1.  And, since Warren was on call this weekend and had to be to work very early Saturday, it made for a rough day for him.  But, we all survived it.  

This is Alyona & her best friend Angel.  They are stuck together like glue.  I'm glad they found each other and are once again in the same class next year as well.  We had pancakes & bacon for breakfast.  Despite just a few hours of sleep, they look happy here.  After this, some went home, and some didn't.  The kids that didn't, helped us clean up and organize the mini fundraiser.  It was a great day overall and I do think Alyona really enjoyed her birthday.  Next big event up is the vacation this week.  After that, 4th of July.  After that, Alex' s birthday.  I will have tons to share these next few weeks for sure.  made all kinds of appointments today.  Now, I need to get a referral for Yana as Raleigh Neuro won't accept her back in b/c it has been longer than 3 years since she was seen.  Lovely.  So, when we get back from vacation, we'll be doing some doc visits.  

hard to believe Alyona is going to be 11yo.  Seems like yesterday I met this tiny little 7yo.  Time flies.  Alyona kindly reminded me that she is only 2 years away from being a teenager like her sister.  She's been wearing her bathing suit top as her "bra" now since they don't make bras that small.  LOL.  Why is it they want to grow up and I want to grow younger?   More to come.  Hope you enjoyed her birthday as much as she did.  Nice little celebration.  We all though HATE the one gift she got.  Remember, there was a lot of "rookie" mistakes during that shopping trip.  I had no idea it was  a motion sensor doll baby.  Stupid thing starts crying at any movement and it freaks us all out.  Batteries will have to disappear in that thing for sure.  have a great week.

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