Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alyona's birthday -- part I

Okay, Alyona's birthday is actually June 27th (this Sunday).  But, since we are travelling that day, we decided to have her party a week early.  So, this past weekend, that is what we did.  However, wanted to share w/ you all that she already has received a present from her Nana & Poppop.  Very cute stuff too I might add. 

Okay, you think she's the least bit excited here??  She loves sunglasses.  She got quite a few clothes in this bag along w/ sunglasses, flip flops & a headband.  Talk about styling.  she thought she was hot stuff for sure.  

Still haven't figured out to turn pictures around.  I'll have to ask Warren.  Here she is in just one of her new outfits.  Cute, huh?  I think she's enjoying it, dont' you?  This was her gift from her Nana & Poppop (my parents). 

Since it's still early, she hasn't received any other gifts yet.  But, that is b/c her birthday isn't until this weekend.  When we went to Walmart to buy supplies, we let her spend $20.  For our kids, we give them $35 to spend & a party.  Hey, parties add up quickly.  Well, I had found some baby dolls on sale for half price so I had already spent 15 on her. Hence, why we let her spend $20.  Sent her w/ Max to the toy aisle and told Max she could NOT spend over $20 including tax.  Umm, was it really smart to send two FASers to go do this task?  No.  but, you have to encourage independence when you can.  Ended up being over $25 but we let that go.  Just tried to teach them to really look at the tags, match up the items & think about tax.  Hard concept for anyone for sure.  Children with FAS truly struggle with the concept of money.  We are still working on it quite a bit.  Remember, the only one not affected by this disorder is Bojan.  Reason I write about FAS on here quite a bit is b/c it is our life from day to day and a big part of why we do things a certain way.  Plus, I know there are other FAS families struggling out there.  It is a disorder that effects so many yet very few have heard of this.  And I believe most that have heard of it are in the adoption field.  Shoot, our doctors had no clue when we first got home.  Education.  By doing this blog I feel I can help get the word out about what FAS is and what it is like to live with children effected by this disorder.  Also, dispell some common myths about it in the process.  And, to show others life can be a new kind of normal.  So, hope you all don't mind me throwing some FAS stuff in here from time to time.  

Alyona had a great time recieving her gift from Nana and also getting to pick out her toys at the store.  We did not realize Max allowed her to pick out a noise toy until we got in the car.  URGHH.  For such experienced parents, we sure did make a lot of rookie mistakes that shopping trip.  LOL.  Live and learn.  Off to wash the car w/ the kids.  You know, b/c it is only in the low 90's right now & hasn't reached the 100's yet here.  I'll have part II of Alyona's birthday celebration coming up.  Got to go.  Enjoy your day & stay tuned for part II. 

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