Thursday, May 6, 2010

What a weekend!-- part II

I left off at snow cones I think.  We continued on w/ the company picnic.  More like a carnival for sure.  Love it.  We try to go every year.  On with the happenings. 

They have many inflatables there.  First pic is Alyona coming down. Second is Nik going up.  It is only AFTER he went down that we realized he hadn't taken off his implant.  The static electricity can fry an implant and keep it from working.  Didn't happen this time but we do try to take it off of him.  Bojan went up too.  Alex decided to do something else.

Okay, I have to say something about this one.  This was a giant alligator blow up.  the kids go in the mouth and out the butt.  Yes, they do.  I have another picture of Irina climbing in this alligator's backside to get Nik but thought it was just to mean to post.  LOL.  She would have been way too embarrassed but we have all cracked up at that picture since the weekend.  Who designs these things?

I just love this picture b/c it is just sheer joy he is experiencing.  Love it.  The kids also got to play some music.  Nik liked being able to bang on stuff that he could hear.  

A couple group shots. Remember, Max was at work that day.  Alex was very proud he won that dolphin.  He played games instead of doing some of the inflatables but was determined to win a stuffed animal.  He did.  Great that he stuck w/ it.  Yana went to help Alex at the end.  She knew he needed a few more tickets.  Now, I have a confession to make.  See Nik's outfit?  It wasn't until we were all in the van that we realized he hadn't changed from when he went to school...the previous day.  That's right.  He went to school Friday, slept in it and then goes to this event.  How in the world did none of us catch this?  I don't know.  Yes, our children typically get a bath every night.  but, sometimes Friday is a freebie as we usually have a family movie that night.  We all watched Avatar.  He's dressed, I should get points.  LOL.  

One of the last pictures of the day.  3 boys, wiped out but full of fun.  Alex once again showing off his dolphin.  All in all, we had a great time.  We were going to take the kids to a lego exhibit this coming weekend.  We have realized it would just be too much for them right now.  We leave for deaf camp the following weekend.  Too many activities and FASers have a hard time getting balance back into their routine.  Trust me, we've tried it many different ways.  They are getting better but it is still hard to recover once they go somewhere.  So, we're styaing home this weekend and the kids are actually relieved.  They've all asked me "do we have to go anyhwere this weekend?"  So, right decision.  Yet, they're all counting the days down till deaf camp.   So are we!  Hope you all enjoyed some of our family fun.  more to come later. 

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