Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a weekend!-- part I

Yes, I do realize just how far behind I am this week.  It is now Wednesday and I'm just  getting around to what we did last weekend.  Figured I'd make it easy and just do it in pictures.  Though, apparently, we have lost quite a few pics from our camera.  So, bare with me.

Okay, I had a picture of the entire car stuffed but that one is lost.  This is Nik trying to wrap his head around what seems like Christmas.  LOL.  Irina, Alyona and I went to yardsales.  We took Warren's car as mine was in the shop.  I packed the entire car that at the last yardsale we went to, I was going to leave Irina w/ Alyona, drive home and then come back & pick them up.   (Irina is 17yo you know).  Anyhow, while there, we ran into a friend and she actually drove my kids home.  Now, how much nicer can you get?  Thanks a bunch Renee!!  The kids were beyond thrilled.  We got tons of pool toys, water guns(the boys have had their share of water gun fights already), crafts, shoes, etc.  Just about anything you could think of.  A cool remote control dinosaur too.  So many things and just so much fun the girls and I had.  Yana never goes.  Not b/c she doesn't want to.  Every single weekend I wake her up, she goes right back to sleep and says she'll go next time.  LOL.  I just can't believe how many new things people practically give away.  In the package new.  Anyhow, we had fun and they want to go again this weekend.  Of course.  Now, Bojan is begging to go claiming I always take the boys and never the girls.  I'll see.  After the yardsales, we cleaned up a bit and then onto the company picnic.  It was family day at where my husband works.  (not sure of rules of mentioning the company so that's why I haven't).  All the kids went but Max.  He chose to work instead and was proud he made that decision on his own.  So, we went onto Warren's work for some relaxation and fun.  Had to be about 90 F that day and I of course had that leg brace on.  Eskimos would not freeze w/ that thing on.  Hot is all I can say.  We ate first and then let Yana and Irina go off together. 

This is Irina.  She & Yana decided they didn't want to hang out together and preferred being w/ the family.  Shocked?  Yeh, me too.  Two teens actually wanting to hang out w/ their family. Who would have ever thought it.  I can't believe how much she is growing up.

The kids got to go on a rickshaw ride.  They thought it was cool.  Bojan and Irina went together.  Have a shot of them but they're both squinting so badly b/cof the sun, they almost look mean.  LOL.  Everyone enjoyed the rides.  Of cousre we were asked why we don't have these kind of bikes.

Right before the rickshaw rides, the kids did a rock climbing wall.  Bojan chooses to not wear his prosthetic when climbing as his knee locks up.  Didn't stop him though I'm surprised he didn't make it further.  He has incredible upper body strength and usually goes to the top. I think it was the heat that day.  Click on the pciture & you can see it closer.  

Minnie Mouse was trying so hard to get to the top.  Believe it or not, she has wonderful upper arm strength.  

Nik was incredible!  He almost got to the top.  Very proud of him.  He was smiling the whole way up.  No fear.  there was a button at the top to push and it made an alarm.  he almost got it.  Yana went later on and managed to get the button pushed.  We have many kids with no fear.  Watch out world!  

Part of having kids w/ sensory integration disorder is that they love, love love to spin.  This was no exception.  They had a blast on this thing.  I was surprised Alyona actually went on here b/c she really is my chicken little.  But she did.  All four of ours got to ride at the same time which was nice.  Each one was trying to out do the other.  Too funny.

What is better after a few rides on a hot day?  Why snow cones of course!  This is part one of the weekend.  We have more pictures.  But, for now, I need to catch up on the cleaning of the house a bit.  I mopped the floors this morning and made the stupid mistake of giving the kids bright blue icee pops.  What was I thinking?!  So, part II of this and part II of the older child adoption will be coming up soon.  I don't have to work tomorrow.  Wahoo!  So, I may have time to get some posts done.  Now, time to get back to work.  Warren just uncovered a liar.  Something SO simple as a question to my kids turns into a big production and then we have a lecture for two hours.  Ridiculous.  My simple question that turned into one huge episode..."who gave the bowl of beads to Alyona?"  Yep, I just wanted an answer.  URGHH!!!  Some days I am reminded I live in a household full of FASers.  Each day is a lesson.  One step forward two steps back some days.  Other days, leaps and bounds.  Where is my chocolate?!  LOL. 

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