Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tidbits here and there

I have many things going on that we're trying to get organized and done.  I printed off the I-800A yesterday and will call the agency.  Or, maybe some of you on here know the answer.  According to the instructions, unless they are sibs, you must file two seperate apps, which would add an incredible cost for us.  I'll find out soon how true this is.  Adoption paperwork is always a big question mark even if you do it over and over and over again.  Rolling w/ the punches.  Social worker comes out Thursday for another visit.  Should be interesting as the kids will be totally hyped up on their pending trip the next day.  they are already talking about packing.  Umm,no.  Not yet.

Now, the big thing is trying to get everything ready for end of year school stuff and celebrations.  Lots and lots of dates to remember and appointments to reorganize.  We'll get there slowly.  Nik graduates from Kindergarten this year and then Max graduates from 8th grade as well.  Awards ceremonies for us last all day and all week.  Classroom parties and the like.  We have many things to plan for including sending out invites for Alex and Alyona's birthday parties as they occur in the summer.  Usually, they have a joint pool party.  However, Alex is clearly passing her intellectually and it is hard for the two group of friends to find common ground.  Plus, boys and girls really separate at this age anyhow.  So, Alyona will invite her close friend over to spend the night and do girlie things.  I think Alex still wants a pinata and pool party.  We keep everything simple.  We are also planning for our adoption reunion trip to D.C. in June.  Busy, busy time.  Also, trying to get organized for them being out of school.  We kind of do a mini school session in the summer each day as well.

Warren and I have been slacking on some vital paperwork for some of our children and we're kicking it into high gear now.  We're getting 3 of them passports.  IRina and Max came in on a different type of visa than what is issued now for adopted children.  Yes, they are indeed US citizens but this happened over 11 years ago and paperwork wasn't as it is today.  I've already spoken to immigration and the social security administration to see how to "fix" their social security card that reads "valid for work in US only w/ INS authorization."  Sounds as though they are ailens and not US citizens.  Not the case at all.  Just to fix this thing is crazy.  Easiest and most cost effective fix is to get Irina and Max passports I'm told.  Then, I go down to SS office and ask for new cards.  Again, I do want to stress they are indeed US citizens.  They are completely legal.  Just doesn't sound like it on paperwork due to a glitch.  Working on fixing that glitch.  The other passport will be for Bojan just in case we decide to stop by Serbia.  It would be a once in a life time deal and I will post more about it in the future when I know if it is a possibility.  Our goal is to get all the kids US passports but two right now are immediate priorities.

Another paperwork nightmare is finding out about SSI for Irina when she turns 18.  We've made a mistake by NOT getting every single dx on paper.  Now, need to go back and make sure an MD has it all on paper for her.  FAS/ OCD/ asthma to name a few.  Yet, has to be on paper.  AND, it has to be recently on paper.  So, going to work w/ her regular neurologist who has treated her for 10 years now to help us. Theyn, start the application process for her.  We aretold she can receive SSI even if she is living w/ us when 18.  This will help out immensely as we will save it for her in an account to help w/ living expenses as she gets older and out on her own more.  She will most likely never fully live indepenently.  She will always have to be checked on in some capacity.  Learning as we go. 

Well, started this yesterday and as you can see, still hadn't finished it.  Went ot story time at church today w/ the two tots I babysit for.  We had a good time.  Still, lots to do today w/ paperwork.  Tons of stuff happneing.  Bojan went to his prosthetic appt. today.  Knee replacement.  Wahoo, no more squeaking.  Also, go some new liners.  Need to make him an appt. to see about his possible amputation of his other clubfoot.  More about that another day as well.  Alyona has another stubborn streak.  I think it is the end of grade testing that is throwing her so out of whack lately. 

Just thought I'd say why we've been so out of the loop lately.  I can not say enough of hte excitement by all of us for the upcoming weekend.  Camp Cheerio!  Such a fun, leanring experience.  Can't wait to share the beauty of this place w/ you all.  Enjoy the week. 

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  1. You file just ONE 1-800A and indicate the number of children that you want to be approved for on that form. Then, after the first trip, you will file an 1-800 for EACH child that you wish to adopt...and you DO pay the fee again if the children are unrelated. So, if you are adopting 3 children, you'd fill out 1 of the I-800A requesting approval for 3 kids and then after the first trip, 3 of the I-800 form(because you put the child's specific info on, location, etc) and pay the fee 2 more times at that point too(if all 3 kids are unrelated). So, it is an additional just don't pay it until after the first trip when you are filing your I-800.