Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

This week really has flown by.  I will try to remember some of the things the kids did that I thought were thoughtful.  Here goes:

Irina-- Very helpful & thoughtful to help pack  the little kids' bags for our trip.

Max -- Heard from other parents at camp that Max is a really, really good kid.  They said he was very helpful though not exactly sure what all he did.  Always wonderful to hear from others that your kid is sweet and helpful.

Yana-- was trying to help some of the elementary kids study for their end of grade testing.  She didn't have to, she was just being nice.

Bojan-- Was offering to help Max clean up his area b/c he saw that Max was struggling with it. 

Alyona-- Saw that Bojan was running late one morning and jumped right in and helped Bojan w/ his chore of feeding the dog.  She said "I'll do that for you so you can finish up."  Thoughtful.

Alex--  Was asking at camp if he could help clean up the table.  I was actually surprised at this gesture. 

Nik-- Saw that Alyona had no one to play with (geez, I can't wait till her new sisters come home!) and went up to ask her to play "dogs."  And they did.  It was sweet for him to think of her. 

I was actually very proud of the kids this week, especially at camp.  I heard from many other parents how well behaved they were and how thoughtful they were.  Made our year for sure.  Very humbling b/c many times Warren & I tend to focus on the bad sometimes more than we should.  Our kids really are good kids.  With FAS and RAD, the odds really are stacked against them.  None have been arrested, none are pregnant, none are failing(okay, Alex was but I'll explain that one later...laziness), none get in trouble at school, none have been in trouble w/ the law and none have been to an RTC. I know to many that may not sound like a big deal but trust me, I know many, many other parents who are living those scenarios daily.  We know full well it can happen to our kids any time as well.  When you have kids w/ brain damage from alcohol who can not make rational decisions, you have to be extra careful.  Warren & I have learned to live in a state of hypervigilence persay.  To outsiders, we may seem strict w/ our teens.  We feel we have to be to get them to the mature level so that they can function in the adult world.  None of our kids have cell phones or ipods.  They do have MP-4 players though.  Most likely, they'll have ipods for Christmas but don't tell them that.  LOL.  They have almost no access at home to the computer.  There are reasons for this and I'll get into that one day when I do an FAS post.  Just know, when someone comes up and compliments our kids, we are sure to tell them and could not be more proud b/c we know just how hard it is for them.  Sorry I went off on a tangent.  My kids have a very kind heart in my opinion and just happy others have noticed.

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