Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

 I will have to make this rather quick as we are getting ready for our trip.  Kind of hard to do w/ two toddlers running around here but I'm sure trying.  So, thought I'd give some credit where credit is due to some of my kids.  With having FAS/FAE and RAD dx's, you have to really find the good sometimes.  That is what we try to do every week here.  I truly believe there is good in everyone.  Here goes:

Irina--  knew Warren was working late so she made him coffee right before he came home so it was ready for him.

Max-- he was offering to help Warren all weekend.  During Mother's Day, Max took it upon himself to dismantle the old fountain and put up the new one!  Wasn't even asked to.  Just being thoughtful.

Yana-- Has been playing with the two toddlers I watch after school.  This is wonderful as usually she wants no part of playing w/ any of the younger kids.  One night, she also knew Warren  & I were up late working on a project w/ one of the other kids.  Bedtime was not normal.  She was thoughtful enough that the next morning she had made all the kids' lunches for me.  Very sweet.

Bojan-- Was helping Alyona to learn to read.  Really taking the time to work w/ her.  Thanks!

Alyona-- She has been sharing ALL her stuff w/ Sarah(a little girl I watch).  She used to be very selfish about it.  She is really showing she is going to be a big sister & share.  Love it.  Alyona wasn't even asked to do this. 

Alex-- This one impressed me.  Yana had taken Ethan's (one of the little ones I watch) banana nut bread.  I had made enough for the 10 kids to each have a slice.  Ethan was not happy.  Alex right then and there said here Ethan, you can have mine!  I was stunned.  Alex (one of our RADishes) showed quite an amount of compassion and empathy.  Very happy about that.

Nik-- Cleaned up his room.  Of course, I think this is more due to wanting to go to the mountains versus wanting to be thoughtful.  LOL

That's what I could think of off the top of my head.  I may post tomorrow if Im up early.  The mountains get no reception for cell service and plus, when we go on vacations or somewhere, we don't like to be technologically connected.  We like to literally get away from it all.  Just enjoy nature or whatever it is we're seeing.  This month, we are also doing our annual zoo trip.  Next month, D.C. and the beach as well.  So, it is really nice to take it in w/ out the distractions of technology.  We do let our kids take mp-3 players on the trip but limit usage so they HAVE to talk to us.  LOL.  So, next post will most likely be tomorrow morning and then again Sunday night or MOnday.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

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