Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spreading the word

I can not tell you what an honor it is to be a part of the adoption community.  There truly is something special about it.  People being welcoming, willing to share their stories/ experiences with others, honesty abounds, faithfulness, etc.  There are just a lot of positives to it.  And, you don't have to adopt to experience these positives.  Visit a few blogs once in awhile and see what some of these amazing families are doing.  Their non-waivering commitment to children they have not even yet met.  It amazes me every time.  The never give up attitude is what I like most about adoptive families.  The lyrics "I get knocked down, but I get up again.  Aint nothing gonna keep me down." definitely come to mind.  As you all know, I'm horrible w/ who sang/ or wrote what.  My husband could tell you as he used to be a D.J. for years.  Hence why there are 2 disco balls and other paraphenalia in the garage.  LOL.

Anyhow, I just like how other adoptive families are willing to help each other.  It is really quite inspiring to watch.  There is one family that I have been following their blog for awhile.  Love it and so much insight to life in general.  Honest, forthright and devoted.  Anyhow, she came up w/ a campaign to help 26 adoptive families!  26 of them!  It is to help these families raise funds to bring their children home.  And, the best part, they are not asking for much.  I mean really, really not asking for much.  Just a $5 or $10 donation from folks.  Okay, how many of you spent that on coffee today or, my personal favorite...chocolate?  Seriously, how many went to Walmart and grabbed an extra $5/ $10 worth of items?  No one blinks twice at going out to dinner for at least $20 to $40.  So, why not help to save numerous, numerous, lives?  This is just not one child, this is several, several children.  Our family was selected to be one of the families to participate in this.  We feel incredibly honored.  See, the family is raising $10K in 20 days.  Remember all that village talk I've done?  Well, we desperately need that village now!  The family will give $200 to each family(25).  One name will be drawn to recieve a $5000 donation.  Isn't that the greatest idea?  Best part is, there are NO losers in this.  Especially, the children waiting for their forever families.  Please do me a favor and help spread the word.  There is going to be a logo on the sidebar.  You can grab the button and put it on your blogs out there.  Please, please.  Do anything to help spread the word.  This is for so many children.  This is legitimate.  No illegal stuff here or mis-using of funds.  Nothing like that.  I know we ourselves have asked for donations as well.  However, I feel this just benefits so many more than just our family.  If you have an extra $5 or $10 laying around, please consider it.  Please.  Look in the couches or car cupholders.  I think you'd be surprised at what you find.  That little jester is going to help change the world for quite a few children.  Just think about it.  The family's blog link is:   They have a tab on top That says $10K in 20 days.  Our family is #26 on the list.  Not that it matters.  It is so wonderful seeing so many families going to rescue orphans.  Just want all of you to help spread the word.  Thanks for all you do.  I'll have a button to grab later tonight.  There are only 9 days left and there is still about $5600 more to raise.  We can do this.  As a caring society, community, neighborhood, family, etc.  We CAN do this.  A little goes a long way is the best saying for this campaign.  Thanks again for listening. 

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