Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Remembering Chrissie

I know I had said I would write today on some things about our family and such.  After reading some other blogs this morning that I do, one line hit me like a ton of bricks and I was just sitting there staring at the screen waiting for another line to come up after that one.  The line I read this morning was "Dancing with Jesus."  Chrissie is a little girl that lives in Texas.  She has been home w/ her forever family since October of 2009.  Before that, she was in the same orphanage that Bojan used to reside in.  Chrissie has a very, very serious heart and lung condition that medically speaking, shouldn't have been able to live even a day.  Yet, this little girl defied the odds and had a contagious smile that pulled her through life day by day.  The Patterson family stepped up to adopt her knowing her very fragile medical condition.  For 6 months, this child had the gift of life with a real family.  That contagious smile stayed there.  Did not waiver,nor did the family's faith.  I could not possibly tell the entire story.  Just know it is filled with miracle after miracle.  This little girl (the Serbian Sensation as deemed by her family) touched more people than we'll ever know.  Tens of thousands of people.  So, if you don't think adopting an orphan makes a difference to others in the world, think again.  This little girl has touched hearts, brought people to Jesus, gave people hope and countless other things.  Amazing work for such a young soul.  Instead of mourning her passing, I would love to celebrate who this little girl was.  Celebrate the life she lived and what she represented.  She was truly an angel amoung us.  Take a moment to look at the family's blog in months past.  The sheer joy that Chrissie has on her face is priceless.  Their blog is: Also, pray for comfort for the family as they deal with her passing.  I just wanted to take a moment to honor a little girl that has touched me and countless others around the world.  Chrissie will be missed for sure. 

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