Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nik's drawings & a quick update

Today there is much activity as tomorrow we leave for Camp Cheerio!!!  Excited, can you tell?  Social worker has another appt. today so she is coming out on Monday instead.  I'm very ready to finish this process so that we can really move forward w/ this adoption.  The homestudy is always the first really big step.  As soon as the homestudy is approved, we send it off w/ that wonderful 16 page document, which currently has NO stains on it...yet.  Give it time.  LOL.  We may be the only family that sends off documents to a foreign country w/ jelly on it.  Hey, at this rate, I'm not putting it past anyone.  That is why the passports are currently up high & hidden.  Those are our next two very big hurdles... completing the homestudy and then sending off the I-800A.  Well, those hurdles and of course the financial side of it all.  Writing that in another post.  For now, I'd love to have some pictures.  And, since Nik's pictures seems to be very umm, interesting last time, I'll do a few more he made in school.  Hope you find the humor in some.

Nik told me the wind was blowing hard in this picture.  The people do genuinely looked concerned.  However, then there is this mean man telling them he can't go past the roadblock.  I have no unearthly idea why.  Again, what is he thinking?!

I don't quite get this picture.  Okay, Nik had baby chicks hatch in his class.  So, there are baby chicks in the picture.  For some reason he and his girlfriend Ava are handcuffed together.  When asked him where they were going & what that house was:  jail was the response I got.  What kindergartner sends their best friend to prison?!  who does that?!  The yellow is the police car he told me.  Yet he writes he's sad about baby chicks.  Yes, I foresee therapy session at some point in the future.  LOL.

This is more of a normal drawing.  I like it b/c I asked him about the person on the right in the flowers. He said that was me taking pictures of them swinging.  Sweet picture to balance out some of the others I guess.

Love this one too.  The farm is busy is what it says.  He told me he was milking the cow and it was yucky.  He also told me the cow is saying it hurts.  You can clearly see the different animals which I think is so cool.

This one just cracked me up.  He explained that the dog was being blown out of that instrument.  Too funny.  I have no unearthly idea what those two things on the end right are supposed to be.  
Any idea what you all think this could be?  Give you a hint.  Never, ever let your son watch the movie Twister and then go to school the next day.  Not a good idea.  Yep, these are people being swept up by tornadoes.  Yes, my disaster drawing son strikes again.  Should I be concerned?  LOL.  

I do think some of his drawings are sweet and cute.  But boy, sometimes that child has a "darkside" in there.  He loves drawing his siblings being arrested and he's the arresting officer!  Crazy kid.  

We are all very excited about our upcoming trip.  We just learn so,so much when we go there.  Everyone has so much fun.  Trouble is, we return late Sunday and have to get ready for school.  We'll have 9 sleeping bags that have to be washed one at a time & then about 4 loads of laundry on top of that.  NOt to mention clean up any accidents the dog had in the house.  Bear protests while we are gone and always, always refuses to go outside.  URGHH!!!  We'll also have to grocery shop and get stuff ready for school that evening.  And, clean up.  I'm thinking the social worker coming here on Monday is going to be interesting b/c I'll have meetings all day Monday for IEP's.  Yikes.  Should be very interesting in what she sees here.  Maybe she can put some blinders on before she comes the day after returning from a trip.  LOL.  It is what it is and we'll definitely do our best.  Got to go.  Need to pack for sure. 

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  1. That first pic looks like a representation of Hurricane Katrina...has he been watching documentaries?
    I love the tornado pic...such detail! He must spend quite a bit of time on those!!! My 8 year old won't draw for more than 30 seconds at a time, and he can't spell that well either!
    Ya'll have a blast at camp!
    And tell Nik I said milking does not hurt the cows...they like to have it removed on a regular schedule (otherwise they fill up too full and that does get uncomfortable!)

    Dairy farm Mom,