Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nik's big event...

Well, we knew it would happen at some point.  And, it did.  What is it you ask?  Well, just take a look:

Yep, he lost his very first top tooth!  He was so thrilled.  I believe he had lost the bottom ones back in December but can't remember.  He had made a special tooth fairy pillow that same week in school.  So, he went to go get it and put the tooth in it.

He wasn't quite sure how to put the tooth in there though.  LOL.  He sewed it shut.  His tooth had been hanging by a thread.  So, while he was touching his tooth, Irina knocked his arm (yes, on purpose) so that the tooth flew out.  He was no worse for wear though.  Tooth fairy mouse came.  It is some Russian thing.  DOn't get it & maybe it was just their region but it has stuck w/ all the kids.   The tooth fairy mouse.  We have to leave a window open for that stupid mouse to come in.  Got to love it.  

Now, the very next day Warren and I left to go pick up a bike I had bought from someone.  while there, we get a call from Irina.  Something bad happened is all we got from her and that she'd tell us when we got home.  Once we were assured that it was not life-threatening, we came straight home.  This is what we found:

Another tooth gone!  Nope, this one was NOT ready.  Blood all over the bathroom.  What happened?  Well, Alyona decided her brother's tooth needed to come out.  You know the old string on the tooth trick?  Well, it worked.  His tooth was loose, it just was barely loose.  So, now Nik is sporting a new look:

He is very proud and wanted to take the tooth to school to show his classmates.  However, he had the tooth in this little baggie and swinging it all over the yard.  You guessed it, out came the tooth.  He even conned Max into helping him look for the tooth w/ a flashlight that night.  They never found it.  Oh well.  Nik has bugged me ever since to take him to the dollar store to buy something w/ his money he got from the mouse.  Soon, kiddo. 

Tried to tell all the kids no more pulling each other's teeth.  LOL.  I have more to write today but have a performance for Bojan to go to tonight.  6:30.  Starts at 7.  Taco salad for dinner, something easy for a change.  Just had to share about the teeth.  Never dull here, that's for sure.  BTW, I have two days to turn this house into something other than a demilitarized zone.  Social worker comes Thursday.  Umm, guess we really should have finished re-organizing after a homestudy visit.  Hey, we live here and it's life.  Most social workers understand this especially visiting towards the end of the school year.  So newbies to adoption that are reading this, don't stress it.  Bojan has a performance tonight that we're going to.  That is more important to us than finishing the laundry.  Well, secretly we all hate laundry in this house.  When a punishment chore is folding socks, you know we all hate laundry.  LOL.  Well, Irina's home and we need to wake up some kids from their naps.  Hope you all enjoyed his toothless smile.  Cracks me up.  Yes, you try teaching a toothless deaf kid to use his voice when his teeth are out.  IT's hilarious!  I will have to record and put it on here.  Not to make fun of him but it is just too dog gone cute not to.  My baby boy is growing up!  Got to run.  Have a nice evening. 

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  1. Congratulations Nik!!!... He looks so cute!... I guess that the tooth fairy mouse had left him a conciderable amount of money, ´cause there were 2 tooths!!!...
    (Sorry that there is a lot of days that I didn´t checked the blog, and I missed a few things!... but we´re in Bariloche -Patagonia- now and I do not conect me all the days!).
    Kind regards!... from Patagonia.-