Monday, May 31, 2010

More drawings

Thought before I do some Memorial Day posts that I'd share some drawings around here.  And, some miscellaneous stuff of course.  I'll start off with Max.  As you all know, Max is our resident artist.  The other day he was tired of us complaining how Nik and Alex never want to wake up in the morning.  Sooo, this is what he came up with:

You'll have to click on it to make it bigger.  It is an "auto-wake."  The steam blows the pinwheel thing that makes the bed then shake up and down to wake up the boys.  I thought it was quite clever.

Yes, Nik has struck again.  It says alligators are big.  So, that is an alligator coming out of an egg.  He is eating someone who is apparently screaming for help.  Now, look at the top of the egg.  There is someone standing on top there shooting a gun.  So, when do we start therapy for this kid??  LOL

This is another Nik drawing.  This is  a life size self-portrait.  Kid has glasses on and such.  Hey, he drew himself w/ underwear on, I was more than thrilled.  Now, do a close up on the shirt and this is what you'll get:

Yep.  Sin.  Should I be worried??  Now, to hang up a big drawing of my son w/ sin written across his shirt.  Keep in mind, when Nik doesn't know how to spell something, he uses a combination of the letters 's', 'n', & 'i'.  You can see that on the alligator picture as well.  Just so happens that he spelled out sin on his t-shirt drawing.  Lovely.  I may need therapy after this kid leaves kindergarten.  He cracks me up though w/ these drawings.  

Not a drawing but definitely worth posting.  Yana never even told me she was getting this award.  I found it.   Modest.  She received this for integrity for the entire school year this year.  I was shocked.  Remember, she is one of ours w/ RAD who has trouble w/ some moral issues and deciding what is right and wrong.  So, to receive this has really demonstrated just how far she has come over the years.  To those whose kids have recently been dx'd w/ RAD, FAS/FAE/ PTSD/ ODD/ etc.(all of which she has), I want you all to know there is great hope for these children.  Just takes time.  Lots and lots of time.  

Our first pickings from our garden plants this year.  Some mini yellow tomatoes that we put on our salads this weekend.  We really do wish we had some more garden room but are definitely utilizing what we have.  We're growing some easy stuff this year.  Tomatoes(lots & lots of them), green peppers, red peppers, oregano, basil, chives, zucchini, peas, beans, and trying onions for the first time this year.  

My kids absolutely love watermelon and devour a whole one by themselves.  Obviously, we had to have watermelon over Memorial Day weekend.  This was one of the ones we got.  One seedless and one w/ seeds.  Delicious!  More to come tomorrow on what we did over the weekend and also about one of our adoption gotcha days.  For now, have a good evening and hope your holiday was as nice as ours was. 

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