Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little path to peace

Kind of an odd title.  As some of you already know, our family loves the outdoors.  We find it very peaceful and truly do enjoy our time outside.  Kids even do homework outside(if the stupid deer flies and horse flies aren't so bad).  We were just able to find another patio set at a yardsale recently so now have seating for 12.  PERFECT!  Our yard is small to us, just a little under an acre.  Like .97 acre.  We'd love to have a minimum of 10 acres but for now, this is home and we have to make good use of what we have.  Last year, we found a colorful hammock at Target at the end of the season.  Actually, bought it as an impulse buy b/c it was such a great deal.  Figured we'd find a place to put it.  Well, we did and it has had way more use by every single person in this household than we'd ever anticipated.  Here is the path to our little hammock area:

Very small path.  We're actually trying to get some moss to grow between the stones and it's coming along.  Ironically, there is moss gorwing everywhere else in this yard including the roof!  So, I'm sure it is a matter of time it grows here.  

We climb up that short little path and lay down.  You can see a couple of the colors of the hammock in the bottom right of the phto.  This is one of the views looking out.  This is some of our yard.  Nice, and green.  Look up and this is what you see:

All green.  Isn't it just beautiful?!  When you are laying there in the hammock, it seriously feels like you are in some sort of treehouse.  We all love it.  And, it changes through the seasons.  This time of year, it is bright green w/ lots of shade but just hints of sunshine popping through.  While laying and either just relaxing or reading, this is what we hear:

The sound of windchimes.  Just a really light breeze to make them sound so sweet.  Just relaxes you all over.  Makes whatever you are reading that much more meaningful.  Or, when you hear those windchimes, you start listening for other sounds, like birds.  

Boy, I hope these pictures actually show up b/c they are not showing up on here.  Anyhow, this is another view we have of laying in the hammock.  There are the big oak trees, some hostas and hydrangeas.  Some azaleas too but most have already bloomed out.  There is also a birdhouse IRina made.  Near that is a birdfeeder that we get to watch the birds go in and out.  

Bottom line, a lot to do in just a little space but it is really peaceful for all of us.  We love it.  So many times we can just reflect on something or go there for a little bit of peace and quiet.  So, sometimes that spur of the moment purchase can turn into something really meaningful.  I can not count the times I've come out and seen one of the kids laying in it.  And most of the time they were actually reading!  Yes, shocked me too.  LOL.  So, if any of you come for a visit, you will have to visit one of the most peaceful places in the yard.

I have a couple more posts but Warren and I are trying to get some errands done today.  My drive time is limited w/ my hurt knee.  Next, taking Nik to get his haircut.  Warren does hate it b/c he says he gets older w/ every haircut.  I agree.  Alyona is going to go to church w/ a friend and her family.  Bojan is at a friend's house and Max is going to be at work.  So, just 3 of them home.  Now, a test to see if just 3 can get along.  I'll write some more tonight.  Some other things happening here.  Some changes going on.  Hope your weekend was just as pleasant.  We had a blast yesterday at the company picnic.  Can't wait to share.  As they say in Bulgarian...Chao!

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  1. Oh Stephanie...looks so idyllic...I'm coming over!