Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kids-- what have they been doing??

So much talk about major decisions lately, it's time to talk about what this house revolves around... the kids.  Well, in NC it is headed into summer time though not too hot.  Hovering in the 80's here, sometimes 90's.  We don't consider it hot here until we are near the triple digits w/ that 100% humidity we get w/ it.  Brutal in the summer.  Nothing some fresh water can't cure.  But, before it gets to that point where we spend most of the time in the pool, my kids spend most time outdoors as soon as they get off that school bus.  Everything from blowing bubbles to catching bugs, to jumping on the trampoline to whatever else you can think of.  So, here's  a few shots of what my kids have been up to. 

Our boys love to play warriors or star Wars or whatever the name of it is for the day.  These are all Nerf guns w/ bullets gone, of course.  But, they still have fun hiding behind trees and running all over the yard.

Notice they all have backpacks for their gear.  Well, Nik has on a backpack that Alex used later.  When they came in, Alyona dumped out Alex's backpack in his room and started screaming at him.  You can't use THIS backpack b/c it is for my new sister!  Alex proceeded to tell her that she won't be here for a few more months.  Alyona said so, I don't want it dirty for her.  Yep, I think she'll do just fine as a sister.  

Ahh, time for good old corn on the cob.  We love it here.  Absolutely love it.  But, more than eating it, my kids for some reason love to shuck corn.  They never do get all those "hairs" out of it but come pretty dog gone close.  This is some of the corn.  We may go get a bunch more this weekend and then freeze some.  Corn on the cob is good any time of the year for sure.  

This is of course one of Nik's creations.  He came running downstairs just thrilled at what he had made.  He said this is Max w/ Heely's on.  Notice the black boots and black hair.  He made the ears & wheels out of Kinex parts and the rest is made of dominoes.  I thought it was quite clever.  What do you think?  Another artist in the house??

Even though Alyona is turning 11 years old next month, she is very much our little girl.  She loves taking one of the tots strollers to push her baby dolls around.  She is very mothering for sure.  If only I could get the grass on the left side to grow as much as the hostas do.  Too much kid traffic I think.  

Where else would my kids put their bugs but on the kitchen counter.  Nik & the boys really enjoy collecting all kinds of insects.  Them & the kid across the street.  We had to yell at them the other day.  What were they collecting you ask?  Why bumblebees & wasps!!  Yep, you heard that right.  Those were some very, very mad bees in there.  The thing they love to collect the most though is lightening bugs at night.  I love this time of year when they light up hte yard and the kids go chasing after them.  Makes it hard for them to want to go to bed though.  I won't put the close up shot on here as it even grossed me out.  

This is Irina trying to experiment on her brother's hair.  I don't think that they were that into it but they put up with it for a few minutes.  Irina is having a hard time finding hair on Bojan's head to put up.  Alex's hair obviously needed cutting at this time.  Alex is definitely all boy so for him to do this was brave.  

This is Nik watching his big bubble.  He is definitely a thinker.  Sometimes I just wonder what he is thinking.  Especially, with some of the interesting things & pictures he's created.  

Those are just a few things my kids have been up to.  I'll have 11 kids here everyday for the summer so trying to get organized to what we're going to do each day.  Goign to try to have a theme each week, learning time the first hour & a half, then swim, lunch, craft, movie time or nap time for the littles, and then swim time again and then snack.  That's the plan anyhow.  We'll see if it transpires.  My kids are definitely ready for school to be over.  Frankly, I'm ready for summer to start.  I love this time of year w/ flowers, sunshine, swimming and cooking out.  Just a great time to enjoy friends, family and new people.  More posts to come.  Gee, no posts for a few days & I have a lot to say.  LOL.  Hope you all don't mind.  Have a great week.  More to come in a few more posts.

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  1. Fun fun fun...I can tell that there is never a dull moment at your house!