Thursday, May 27, 2010

In full bloom

This is how I know summer is right around the corner at my house.  My yard starts popping up w/ color.  I believe we have 16 hydrangea shrubs in our yard.  I love these b/c once they mature, they constantly bloom flowers w/ all kinds of color.  Very easy to care for as long as you keep them watered.  They love water.  We have some w/ pink blooms, purple blooms, blue blooms and our mop-laced variety are w/ purple & white blooms.  You can click on the picture and get some mroe color & close up view.  I just think they're beautiful.  My house is full of vases now w/ these and there are still tons of blooms left on the shrub.  

Sorry for the fuzzy picture but the lens was dirty.  These are the mop-laced hydrangeas on the side of the house.  You don't cut these really.  Just for looks. But they give off nice color.  Believe it or not, last year, these were very small shrubs.  I buy almost all my shrubs on super clearance at either Lowes or Walmart.  Usually costs me around $3 or $2 a shrub.  $7 for the trees.  As long as they're green when you scrap off some of the bark, you are good to go and they can be brought back to life.  I do wish I had a picture of how these 3 shrubs barely covered this area last year.  Now look.  Another week, this whole side w/ be beaming w/ white & purple blooms.  BTW, I have never trimmed the hydrangeas.  I leave them be.  In winter, I pull out the dead sticks but that is it.  We go for easy maintenance around here.  LOL.

This was when it was just starting to bloom.  You should see it now but no camera this week.  This is one of the mop-laced varieties.  Though I don't like them as well, they do look great along the side of the house.

Okay, this is the main shrub we pick blooms off of that seems to have a never ending supply literally all summer long.  My neighbor is coming over later to put some in vases as well.  This is not as rounded bush b/c last year we hacked about about half of it off.  We divided what we hacked off into 4 parts.  They are all flourishing now in another part of the yard.  I must say, I did think the shock was going to kill all of them & this one but it survived.  Very hearty plants for sure.  

This is outside Yana's windows.  Window boxes came from end of year clearance last year at Big Lots.  They never hang straight so Warren & Max rigged them up w/ a piece of PVC pipe and it fit perfectly then.  Told you having 2 handy guys around helps.  Anyhow, I really did not want regular petunias in here.  However, since Warren and Max were going to the store for some repair stuff, I said pick up trailing petunias for the window boxes.  Well, neither one thought trailing would make a difference.  It does.  These still give color but not the effect I wanted at all.  Not wasting money though so these are staying. 

I usually like a darker color of flowers.  Reason being is they stand out better against the house, grass, etc.  White is the best color if you want to see the flowers at night but we don't do that here.  We love color.  And, lots of it!  Though not my choice of color, I don't think Max & Warren did too bad, do you?  

Just want to show you it doesn't have to cost a fortune to landscape a yard.  This was my $7 Walmart dying tree that everyone laughed at me for buying.  This is a dogwood before it had the blooms on it.  It is much fuller than this now b/c this shot was back in April.  But nice going down the street & seeing the white dogwood blooms on it.  Once I get a camera back, I'm taking a picture of my .20 trees.  Yes, you CAN landscape on a budget.  Though the kids always laugh when I plant those "sticks", they don't after they see them grow.  

Another window box.  This one has impatients and this was taken after they were first planted.  They'll grow about 6" up and on over.  I love the color spill over that will occur.  

Reason I'm showing all these is we get asked many times how w/ so many kids how can we afford this or that.  Well, it's budgeting really and looking for deals.  So, for the yard, I find everythign on clearance or I clip what we have and replant them.  I've also ordered out of one of those mail order catalogues to see if they'd grow.  You knwo the ones.. buy 1 get one for a penny deals.  Wait till you see some of those growing.  Those are pictures for another day when I have a camera again.  Toy department, here I come.  LOL.  Anyway, I'll do a landscapign on a budget post one day.  If you hadn't noticed, I love flowers.  It started way before I worked in the florist shop.  I just think flowers make people smile and I like making people smile.  I love making the entrance of our house look nice.  Welcoming.  Plus, flowers hide some of the house flaws that are going on.  

Well, need to go.  Chili for dinner.  I know it's more of a winter meal but we were all in the mood for it.  It's Memorial Day Weekend here this weekend as you all know.  Ourdinner conversation last night at Chaos Manor... Kids, why do we have Memorial Day?  Irina:  "It's to honor all the veternarians."  So, now that you know, go down to your local animal hospital and say thanks to a vet.  Yep, my kids and the English language.  Don't worry , we told them what it was for.  We are taking our kids to a farm on Sunday afternoon and to the zoo on Monday.  Tomorrow, just vegging out and watching a movie w/ some homemade milkshakes.  I swear to you all that Warren can make Oreo mint milkshakes that taste idential to Cookout!  Any locals, come on by one day and try a shake.  We're having them on Friday.    Enjoy your weekend. 

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