Monday, May 17, 2010

Homestudy visit today-- part II

Relief has come over me.  Yes, still nervous when a social worker plans to visit.  Shoot, they are determining your future.  And, with us having 7 kids, 6 w/ FASers, it can be unpredictable at what they'll(the kids) say at best.  Seriously.  Plus, we had the double whammy today.  They have just gotten off a high of being gone to camp all weekend long and having fun. They have to go to school...mad b/c they have to go back to school... and then have testing all week.  House is not up to par as we just got back from vacation and we're still doing laundry.  Nonstop since we came home.  Seriously.  Nonstop.  9 sleeping bags and they can only go in one at a time.  Anyhow, the kids got beach balls at camp.  Mini ones.  They can't do much damage, right?  Wrong.  They were bouncing them all night until we took them away. They knocked out 3 lightbulbs in the boys' room so looked like they lived in a cave.  I'm sure that was impressive to the social worker.  What made that better in their room?  Why, the trail of raisins one of the tots I watch dropped up there.  Downstairs.--  Besides the loads of sleeping bag in the master bath tub(remember, no real laundry room), there are lightbulbs burnt out in our room.  Shamefully, I notice the stupid fixture somehow missed that spring cleaning we did a few weeks ago.  URGHH.  It was rainy and muddy out.  So, despite the fact that I swept and mopped earlier, looked like I hadn't done a thing in about a week.  Now, let's talk behavior while she was here.  That's always fun, right.  Umm, nope.  For some reason, my teen was in one sarcastic mood. The other had a bad migraine so she was pretty much a zombie sleeping the whole time.  Another had decided she didn't want new siblings yet has told every single teacher at school she is getting new sibs from Bulgaria and will be helping w/ them when they get home.  (teachers told me last week).  My kids are usually outside playing after school but rain had made that not such a hot idea.  So, they were fortunately entertained by the Wii video game for awhile.  LOL.  Thankfully, this lady has seen us on a more "normal" day , if there is such a thing here.  The kids were themselves and really, you can't ask for more than that.  None had homework as it is testing week.  All in all, I think it went okay.  She was here for another few hours.  I think around 4 hours or so this go around.  Great news is, there aren't many more docs to gather.  They're waiting on references and my references have told me they'd write them this week.  We have to finish the education part and she's getting us the agency code to do that with.  EVery time I try to purchase online, it asks for an agency code.  Once I have that, Warren and I can knock out those ten hours.  Remember, even though we have an education waiver, due to recent international events(& I think you all know what I'm referring to...urghh), they are requiring this additionally.  Fine w/ us.  Just wish we could write our own program for people to go through.  LOL.  Real adoption adjustments I would call it.  Once all this is done, which should be this week, the report will be done and sent for our review and our placing agency's review.  After that, it will be sent off w/the I-800A to BCIS for approval.  They are checking on a "glitch" regarding our housing of the kids situation.  Long story short and tell more a bit later.  Should be fine but they want to double check w/ everything.  Has to do w/ rennovations and such.  Again, should be fine.  Always better to be safe than sorry though and work out any issues beforehand.  For those wondering(we've been asked this many times before), we have a 3100 sq. ft. home on an acre of land.  We have rennovated this house several times before to fit our family's unique needs and may be embarking on that task again this coming year.  We'll see.  More on our home a little later in the week.  Well, need to get going.  Most kids are in bed.  Had Max's IEP meeting today.  Warren went to it.  Went well for the most part.  He will be taking the regular academic track in high school.  More on all that later.  BTW, Yana passed both her EOG tests!  Chat later.  Pics from the trip forthcoming.

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