Thursday, May 6, 2010

Homestudy today

Yep, our homestudy visit(well, the first one anyhow) is today.  11 am.  Yikes!  Done this so many times before & yet still nervous.  House is not the way I want it but after our episode w/ Alyona last night, I just gave up.  It is what it is.  All the kids were responsible for cleaning up their rooms/ area.  Alyona refused.  She is now in "prison camp."  She is NOT liking it even this morning.  Good.  That is the whole point of prison camp.  All the other kids warned her.  "You're going to end up in prison camp!"  "Better do what you're asked.  You're not going to like it.  It's no fun.  You'll miss out this weekend."  And the list goes on.  Yet, our stubborn one refused, back talked and the list went on.  Someone so sweet & innocent can turn in a heartbeat.  Main thing is here is that you have to remain calm and muddle through it.  You kind of become this statue and just do.  Don't think about what they're saying as they're trying to escalate things.  They want to see you get mad.  We won't.  That would be caving into them.  You can't do that w/ an FAS child.  This took us years and years and years to learn.  The yelling w/ them will only escalate things and so the statue thing kind of works for us.  being silent.  Anyhow, she still has her area to do.  So now I have to explain all this today to our social worker.  Looks like a twister hit her area.  But, I can't pick it up or it would defeat the purpose.  Hopefully, she will understand this is all part of her punishment process and not us being lazy.  This is actually Alyona's first time ever in prison camp.  I'm hoping it will be her last time.  We'll see. 

Anyhow, the rest of the house isn't too bad I don't think.  It has a lived in feel.  LOL.  We are definitely not a show place but do like our home.  Now, it was also teacher appreciation week.  I managed to get all of Alex, Bojan and Alyona's teachers taken care of w/ homemade cookies and banana nut bread at midnight last night.  Went to make more this morning and my OCD daughter struck again.  URGHH!!  It's driving us absolutely bonkers.  I know some of you think it is cool to have someone always cleaning but trust me, it's not.  She has gone ov3erboard.  Taking stuff away as we're cooking.  Craziness.  We're working on a solution but if any of you out there have ideas, do let us know.  I'm better than yesterday. Don't know what boy did it but a snake (rubber) ended up in the washing machine.  I was NOT amused.  I moved on though.  I will seek revenge one day.  LOL.  Of course, my boys love critters and all kinds of garbage.  Hard to scare them.  Got to finish getting ready for this visit.  HOpe everyone has a great day.  I am not watching the kids today so I have a day off.  Going to use it wisely.  ow, that the homestudy is underway, it is time to high tail it on that dossier paperwork.  Ahh, and so the adoption paperwork chase begins.  BTW, we received our SBI fingerprints yesterday.  One step closer.  We've proven twice now that we're not criminals.  LOL.  Now, today is to prove that we are good parents.  So glad my grounded one isn't home.  Her view of me is not too nice right now.  Again, I'm dreading the teen years w/ this one.  I'll let you all know how the visit goes.  Oh, and tell of some previous visits.  Always fun.


  1. Good luck with your home study. I was really anxious about ours but actually ended up enjoying it. Can't say I'm in any hurry to do it again though, certainly not as many times as you have!!!